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Park News
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
dark ride for South Korea
Drievliet adds ‘5D’
As reported last month in Park World, Dutch family park Drievliet is to add the
4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios have approved the first-ever theme park 3D film Curse of Skullrock. We have since learned that the accompanying
ride based around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property, which is “shell- theatre by Simworx will feature “5D” effects seats.
ebrating” its 25th anniversary this year. The project will convert the park’s old Cine 180 building with the addition of
The new attraction, which will open in two years’ time, will be a 4D dark ride grandstand seating, a Christie HD 3D projection system, 3D screen and
offering guests an exhilarating, multi-sensory experience. The ride will be part of a surround sound. The seats will feature multi-directional movement (the 5th “D”),
new indoor theme park being developed by SciFanta in Incheon, South Korea, along with a range of special effects including leg ticklers, air blast, water spray
scheduled to open in April 2011. and aroma. The outside of the building will be themed by Jora Vision as part of
4Kids and Mirage have already staged a successful programme of mall tours its ongoing improvemnt work at the park.
and character shows in the United States and will partner on the new project in “We are currently enjoying a great deal of success in various parts of the
Korea with 3DBA and Falcon’s Treehouse (FTH). world with our theatres,” notes
“These companies are recognised leaders in bringing immersive and interactive Simworx managing director
experiences to fruition all over the world,” notes Al Kahn, chairman and CEO of Terry Monkton. “The Drievliet
4Kids Entertainment. “With state of the art technologies and unique products, no installation is another example
one is better suited to bring the of us being able to provide a
4Kids’ properties and television full turnkey theatre.”
shows to life.” Produced by Red Star
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Studio, Curse of Skull Rock is a
is a classic brand that has broad humorous, 12-minute tale
appeal and is much loved by featuring the animated
children and parents alike, character Captain Scabb.
providing the perfect opportunity
for increased marketability,” adds
3DBA’s Roger Houben. “Our
partnership with 4Kids fits the
Gardaland Waterpark
current market trend for
Gardaland Waterpark in Italy reopened May 30 with aEuro.037500,000 new
heritage brand themed attractions and initial responses to
attraction, Rafting Pipe: Zero Gravity. The V-shaped Sidewinder by Aqua Leisure
the concept have been very positive.”
UK launches riders on rubber dinghies to a height of 12 metres and is expected
to increase the venue’s appeal to teenagers.
New kids rides for
Families have not been forgotten, however. In its second full season under
Gardaland ownership, the waterpark has expanded its green spaces. Thanks to
Pacific Park
the immaculate lawns and numerous beach umbrellas Gardaland Waterpark
makes an ideal destination for families wanting to spend an day relaxing or
At Pacific Park on the Pier in Santa Monica,
enjoying a peaceful picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
California, five new family rides have been
The venue also features a well-stocked beach shop and two bars for a light
introduced for 2009. These include Inkie’s
lunch: the Caribbean and Aztec Bar. The waterpark became part of the Merlin
Air Lift, a Zamperla balloon ride; Sig Alert
Entertainments Group in 2006.
EV, round bumper cars from RDC; Santa
Monica Pier Patrol, a truck ride by
SBF/Visa; Sea Planes (pictured), a
Zamperla plane ride, plus a Rockin’ Tug,
from the same manufacturer Zamperla,
“Our goal was to make sure parents had the option to participate in their
child’s experience,” says Pacific Park’s Jeff Klocke.
Lagoon Park, Farmington, Utah, has
introduced a new family ride from
Baby bonanza at
Zierer called Jumping Dragon.
Similar to a Musik Express, the ride
Six Flags Wild Safari!
moves in a circuit with hills and valley
and is ornately decorated with a
Six Flags Wild Safari, part of the Six Flags Great Adventure complex in Jackson, serpent-like figure featuring a 15ft
New Jersey, has welcomed more than 26 baby animals this spring. These births moving tail.
span eight species including the threatened African lion and As the dragon circles round and
aoudad, or Barbary Sheep. The newborns add to the park’s round chasing its tail, it travels
existing population of more than 1,200 animals. through a Chinese pagoda 40ft tall.
Park guests will see pure bison calves roaming the American Up to 18 passengers can be
Section, Eland (the world’s largest antelope) and zebra calves accommodated in its undulating body
grazing the African Plains and a black bear cub nuzzling with and the seats are equipped with
mom in Bear Country. As they continue through the Wild Safari, adjustable restraints.
visitors will notice baby blackbuck and aoudad scampering Within the queue, guests waiting to
across the Pan-Asian Ranthambore Trek and almost a dozen ride walk past Foo Dog sculptures
newborn baboons taking a ride on their moms’ back. wishing them good luck.
18 JULY 2009
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