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Gryphon Kit bags
Paw V2 gloves from Gryphon have a ultra slim
design providing comfort while maintaining Gryphon
feel. Gryphons G- Gryphon's Deluxe Dave Carry All Bag has endless stash
Mitt combines pockets, expandable internal compartments, cushy
the elements rucksack harness system and a stashable/ lockable single-
of the Paw zip rain cover. Deluxe Dave Carry All Bag - Available in
V2 along red, black and royal blue. £50RRP
with the “sticky
Paw V2 Available in
palm” grip so it
black and white.
Mercian’s new SKB features a removable
performs even better
rucksac and a large internal capacity
in the wet. The Anatomic Pro meeting those requirements easily. Vibrant
Shinguard is high performance, lightweight with dual new colours including a rich Purple to
G-Mitt Available in Left and
strap fastening system and removable cushioned complement the Red, Grey and Blue, create
Right hands. £25RRP
liner. an attractive product suitable for all
Purple SKB
Kookaburra shin Guards are priced from Kookaburra
£9 - £22 SSP and are ergonomically Kookaburra's Phoenix at £37.50 is a stylish,
designed to enhance performance. The stick and kit bag which is perfect for
Phoenix Shin Guard is an anatomically transporting all clothing and equipment
shaped covered pitch side. The functional and stylish Cuba, Rebel and
PVC shield which Phoenix Shin Guard Oxygen bags complete the luggage collection. Prices
provides excellent £22SSP / Engage hand range from £7.50-£27.50 SSP.
protection and guards £15SSP Phoenix bag £37.50SSP
comfort while
maintaining eye- TK Hockey
catching shelf At TK Hockey Pink is added to
appeal. the colours offered in the high
New to the spec, features packed TK bags
hand guard which include the TK 1 stick and
range, the kit, TK 2 and TK 3 single stick
Engage hand guards – offer protection against abrasions and superior bags and the TK 6 rucksack/stick
comfort and fit. bag.
TK 1 stick and kit bag / TK 6
Dita rucksack/stick bag
In a sport where protection from high speed balls is a
necessity, Dita continue to come up with shinguards that are
protective and light weight – the Mega 5000 weighs 275
grams a pair (large) MRRP £15.99 in sizes small, medium and Harrod
large. Harrod UK's uniquely designed range of integral weighted goals have been
Mega 5000 £15.99MRRP designed to meet all known BSEN standards for freestanding goals. The
goals are safe to use at all times, eliminating the users responsibility of
Trion:Z attaching any separate anchorage and the unique roller system allows easy
Trion:Z's new waterproof design is available in 8 vibrant manoeuverability on all synthetic surfaces.
colours. The minus-ion and magnet technology that has made Harrod UK work closely with England Hockey as are their official supplier
Trion:Z products so popular among professional athletes with of goals and nets. “England Hockey strongly recommend that any Club
appeal to all ages. In Cricket, England players James Anderson School or Organisation that is procuring new equipment should only
and Stuart Broad both wear Trion:Z. They were immediately purchase goods that conform to BSEN 750 European Standard”.
impressed by the well-being benefits of the products which
include pain relief, reduced
stress, improved
performance, improved
health and improved sleep
patterns. In a survey 88%
said they had bought it for New Active
pain relief and they product line
believed it had helped,
90% had bought to
improve sport performance
and reported noticeable
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