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front of you, then racing to catch it, and then if you do catch able. It is offering itself to you now, now, and now again, wher-
it, immediately throwing it out in front of you again—while ever you are. But you aren’t aware of it because, well, you’re
also complaining that you never ever have a ball. too busy doing other things, like trying to become peaceful (or
On a deeper level, if our sense of contentment is de- reading this book).
pendent on circumstances, then it is So think of my approach as just go-
vulnerable to a change of circumstances. ing straight to the point. If being peace-
If we are only content because life is ful is possible now, and is only possible
going well, we will not be content when now, then you might as well get right to
life is going badly. That’s just not a very it. But please know that I don’t intend this
stable or deep kind of contentment. approach to replace any other form of
True contentment transcends the “ups meditation or prayer, any path of self-
and downs” of life. It embraces life as it discovery, or any of the excellent self-help
is now, with all of its imperfections. In or leadership books available today. It’s just
other words, the only way to be really peaceful is to be fully that whatever path you choose, whatever help you seek, if you
content with what’s happening now—even if, sometimes, it don’t learn to master the moment, then your chance of success
isn’t peaceful. is limited. But if you do learn to master the moment, well, then
In the wonderfully succinct words of the spiritual teacher there’s nothing stopping you.
Krishnamurti, “It’s now or never.” This doesn’t mean that if you “One Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the
aren’t feeling peaceful now, you will never feel peaceful. It Go” by Martin Boroson is available at and
just means that contentment is only possible when you are not bookstores nationwide.
throwing that ball into the future. It is only possible in the pres-
ent tense (or rather, the present not-tensed). When you are truly Martin Boroson is an original and imaginative teacher
present in the present, your mind is not concerned with wanting of meditation and spirituality. With a background that in-
things to be different than they are—and that is contentment. cludes management, psychology, and Zen practice, he distills
Since contentment can only be found now, in the present knowledge from many wisdom traditions into simple power-
moment, this also means that it doesn’t take any time at all. It ful techniques for transformation. As an author, speaker, and
doesn’t happen over time: it happens in a moment. So you don’t consultant, he presents a modern, multicultural understanding
have to go on a retreat or quit your job or find “twenty minutes, of spirituality that is playful, profound, and always practical.
twice a day” in order to become peaceful. Peace is always avail-
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