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education. Some people take this so without giving you the credit you
seriously they head back to Uni for a deserve. So, try an experiment.
graduate course but it doesn’t have to Walk with you head up, sit up straight
be that drastic. in meetings and greet others with
What’s one thing that interests you? confidence. Practice in the mirror.
Let’s say you are very much into body Why not? Even if you have to fake the
art underneath your suit and tie. Get a confidence, do this for one week and
magazine subscription and read about take note if anyone notices. Five quid
how some tattoo artists are inspired by says they do. Standing up straight
medieval painters. Learn the specifics physically is a subtle way to stand up
and remember the details. Go over them for yourself.
in your mind on the way into work.
The next time you are feeling meek or
unable to stand up for yourself, think Confidence is fine. Most everyone
of your knowledge. It might not help I know has a sense of false confidence.
much to drop it into conversation in that I work in the media business and you
moment but remember how it feels can’t get ahead unless someone tries to
recalling that new knowledge. Perhaps stab you in the back. The basic motto:
you feel inflated, slightly powerful. A fake the got-it-all-together grin and fall
little bit of confidence can go a long way apart in the privacy of your own flat. But
in building your emotional posture. what happens when the confidence to
stand up for yourself bleeds dry? That’s
when I look for inspiration.
Speaking of posture, is the way you Author Trevor Hill thinks he’s
physically stand and move attracting tapped into the well of how to create
bullies? Just standing up straight and one’s own Inspiration. He wrote an
walking through the office with your article that caught my eye, “How To Be
head up might give people a visual Inspired Whenever You Want.” In Hill’s
clue that you mean business. own words: “Inspiration is the essential
Dr. Mark Dombeck is a spark in a chain reaction. It sparks off
Psychotherapist. He wrote an article strong self-motivation and leads on to
Walk with you head up,
published on entitled action towards valued goals. “ Sounds
“Standing Up For Yourself” where he nice enough but really, how do we gain sit up straight in meetings
points this out to a client. The woman inspiration in a bad economy, when
was having trouble with her boyfriend. times are tough and most couples are
and greet others with
“The literal point I was making was too tired and stressed at the end of the
confidence. Practice
that she was literally not standing up day to make nookie?
for herself. Her passive and frightened He gives 5 suggestions: in the mirror. Why not?
attitude was quite literally reflected in

Notice any experience which triggers
her posture. By changing her physical your inspiration. Aim to repeat this
Even if you have to fake
posture, she could help herself to change experience more often.
the confidence, do this
her emotional and behavioral one as

Wake up your senses. Each day this
well.” Dombeck says that how we carry week concentrate on one of your five
for one week and take
ourselves tends to mirror and express senses – seeing, hearing, touching and
how we feel about ourselves when we so on. What do you notice that is new?
note if anyone notices.
relate to others.

Search for the worthwhile meaning in
Five quid says they do.
Possibly others interpret your what you do.
physical stance as your emotional stance

Throw out old uninspiring habits and
Standing up straight
as well. If you don’t enter into meetings create new inspiring ones.
with your shoulders back but instead

Look out for what stops you being
physically is a subtle way
slumped over, colleagues will continue inspired. What could you do differently
to stand up for yourself.
to pile on the work and responsibility to avoid this?
homo ludens
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