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Imagine your life as a maze, one that rats remaining courteous? There’s a way to
and mice run in. You are the rat. You race get ahead and it begins with finding the
down one corridor just to find it blocked inspiration to stand up for yourself.
by a wall. Turning, your tiny heart pounds
as you try another hallway. The maze
never seems to end and you are fighting Do any of these readers who posted on
more than your confusion, the other rats sound like you? If
are ravenous. They want to devour you. your upbringing subconsciously taught
No matter how fast your four skinny legs you to be a push-over don’t worry, you
scurry, you can’t seem to find a way out can fix that.
or confront the fearsome beast behind Our father was and still is very
you. demanding and close-minded to any
Being stuck in the maze, running point of view other than his own. I’ve
from your enemy is what it feels like thus developed in a very submissive
to lack assertiveness. Modern day way. I’m now married and although my
psychotherapists say that when you wife is a wonderful person and not the
stand up for yourself you are showing type to take advantage of my timidity,
Define Yourself!
by Denae D’Arcy
assertiveness and without the ability I also find it virtually impossible to say
to be assertive, you will never achieve ‘no’ to her. –Alan
your potential. So how is it done? Seems most of the time I bring
How do we find the inspiration to something up, it’s after the fact because
stand up for ourselves at work, in I think about it over and over and want
our relationships, in our families, our to make sure I’m asking for or standing
finances and in our personal existence up for myself like I should or if I’m being
with our bodies? demanding or making too much out of
He who trims himself to suit something little...does that make sense?
everyone will soon whittle himself away. – Wanda
– Raymond Hull I get choked up when it comes to
Standing up for oneself isn’t just stuff like this. The other day I had the
about domestic violence victims or opportunity to stand up to this person
men who constantly get run over by who came over to my house to stir up
the big boss at work. Being assertive in trouble and I just got tongue tied. I am
your day to day life could be as simple a guy and my partner things I should be
as telling the guy behind the desk at more aggressive. – James
your gym that you hope to see your When everything was happening
name plate on your locker within 2 I was only saying yes and ok to
weeks since you paid for it 2 months everything and not standing up for
ago. Or how about not just looking at myself. I need help!! – Randall
the floor when someone pushes ahead
of you in line at Tescos? Being meek
may seem polite in certain scenarios To get the gumption to assert yourself
but are you being true to yourself? Are to colleagues, friends and lovers begin
you exuding confidence and looking by building your confidence. One of
out for your best interests while the easiest ways to do that is through
homo ludens
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