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broken sunlight seeping through the a low demonic growling sound coming gives way to the beginnings of a bright
trees. Within ten minutes I am packed from behind me. I turn around to see summer. Still stronger, I walk on.
and leaping out of the bushes ready to a ferocious white dog baring its teeth, I have spent several days walking
be back on the road! drool dripping from its bloodstained on back roads. I am now 40km from
Every time I reach a village I consider jaws. ‘Whose blood is that?’ I think Bordeaux & towards the end of a
stopping & putting up my tent but reactively. I am terrified but with my hard days walk I decide to jump on
something inside nags me to continue pilgrim staff in hand stand up and stomp the motorway & walk along the hard
on. Night begins to fall, the small road boldly towards it shouting, “Go away!” shoulder. Cars & trucks blindly rocket
that I am walking skirts around a village The beast quickly withdraws, scampers along the concrete strip, people inside
and I see a sign ‘Le camping – 1km’. off towards the gate and veers left. I can them paying little attention to their
I follow the now narrowing pathway see the entire path leading away from surroundings. My rhythm is fuelled
towards the river, away from the village where the gate is & I see the dog has not by the whoosh of the passing rockets
and towards an old castle that is now run down it, so I naturally assume that & every time someone beeps their
coming into view. The campsite is eerily he is laying in waiting around the corner. horn I am pleasantly awoken from my
sandwiched between the castle & the I can’t stand the thought of trying to go daydreams. After some time a cute little
river Garonne where the remnants of an to sleep & worrying that the great white car stops alongside me and a girl shouts
old sunken ship protrude. As I approach beast will return so I hesitantly walk to me in French, “What are you doing
the campsite I notice that the gates towards the gate gripping my staff with here? Get in!’ Usually my response
are wide open but there doesn’t seem both hands in front of me. When I reach to being offered lifts is ‘I’m walking to
to be anyone around. I feel a strange the gate I look around to the left to see Santiago but thanks anyway!” This
tightening in my stomach, something only the castle wall. To the right there are time however, there is something in the
doesn’t feel right. I put up my tent and very thick shrubs. He would have had tone of her voice that draws me into the
take a look in the public toilet to see if to exit down the pathway to escape but car. She is going to Bordeaux. After a
there’s any running water. I turn the rusty he didn’t! He disappeared! Did I dream month of walking it feels very strange
metal tap & water gushes desperately this dog up or what? Perplexed, shaken to be whizzing along so fast without
from its resting place. As time passes I but relieved I trundle back to my tent, my feet on the ground. I feel strangely
slowly begin to feel tenser & the knot in wrap myself in my sleeping bag & whilst disconnected from my surroundings.
my stomach is progressively tightening. I wondering if I might meet this beast I try to see things as we pass them but
sit suspiciously on my rainproof coat just again in my dreams I drift off to sleep. everything is moving so fast that no
outside my tent door. Suddenly I hear Time passes the freshness of spring sooner have I focused on something
adrenaline rainbow
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