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Journals & Magazines
The ASA offers a variety of
publications available in print
and online, including Amstat
News; Journal of Agricultural,
Biological, and Environmental
Statistics (JABES); Journal of the
American Statistical Association
(JASA); Journal of Business Current Index to Statistics (CIS) Joint Statistical Meetings
& Economic Statistics (JBES);
ASA members enjoy free online (JSM)
Journal of Computational and
access to the Current Index to
Graphical Statistics (JCGS);
JSM is the largest annual gath-
Statistics (CIS). To activate your CIS
Journal of Educational and
ering of statisticians in North
access, log in to ASA “Members
Behavioral Statistics (JEBS);
America. Sponsored by the ASA,
Journal of Official Statistics (JOS);
International Biometric Society
membersonly, and select the CIS
The American Statistician (TAS);
(ENAR and WNAR), the Institute of
Web Access tab at the top of the
Technometrics (TECH); Survey
Mathematical Statistics, and the
page for instructions.
Methodology; CHANCE; and STATS:
Statistical Society of Canada, JSM is
The Magazine for Students of
attended by more than 5,000 indi-
Statistics. Please visit www.
viduals. Please visit www.amstat.
Committees for
org/meetings or email JSM@amstat. Salary Report
more information.
Since its founding in 1839, org.
An annual report of salaries of
the ASA has depended on the
academic statisticians for instruc-
invaluable service of dedicated
tors, assistant professors, associate
Video Series
volunteers, working through JSTOR
professors, and full professors is
committees, to achieve its goals
The Distinguished Statistician Video
ASA members can purchase access
available online at
of furthering the statistical profes-
Series is now available for sale. The
to the JSTOR database of JASA,
sion. Please visit
series off ers the opportunity to
TAS, Technometrics, JABES, JBES
com for information.
bring a lecture or discussion by a
and JCGS. JSTOR is a web archive
renowned statistician to any ASA
of every issue of these publications
Other Resources
chapter meeting, university class-
with the exception of the most
room, company archive library, or
recent fi ve years. To purchase access Advertising
home collection. For more infor-
With the help of knowledgeable to these publications via JSTOR, visit
Advertise in the ASA’s most popular
mation, please contact educinfo@
and well-respected leaders in
publications or online. ASA cor-
the profession, the ASA’s Center JSTORSpecialOffer.pdf.
porate and institutional members
for Statistics Education is able to
receive signifi cant discounts on dis-
provide quality educational oppor-
play advertising. Please visit www.
tunities to statisticians of all levels
Member Benefits
Member Directory
of achievement. Please visit www.
A full member directory is available
cfm or email
and Honors or email
directory/index.cfm or via the ASA
“Members Only” web site, which ASA Calendar of Events
Each year, a number of awards allows a more detailed search. Only
The ASA Calendar of Events is a
are presented in recognition of
members who choose to partici-
searchable online database of
outstanding contributions or ASA members also receive our pate are listed.
statistical events throughout the
dedication to the fi eld of statistics, monthly e-newsletter, ASA Member
world. Promote your meetings and
professional accomplishments, and News, an update full of and special
events through the ASA’s online cal-
distinguished service. For more announcements. View the latest “Members Only”
endar and Amstat News. Visit
information, please visit www. issue at
As a member of the ASA, you have or newsletters, or view the entire
access to many additional features
email archive at
and options, including an enhanced
searchable member directory, Editorial Calendar
the E-newsletter archive, CIS, and
ASA JobWeb/Career Center
The Amstat News editorial calendar
“Members Only” discounts. You also
is available at
The ASA JobWeb, a targeted job
have the ability to manage your
database and résumé-posting Annually, full members of estab- account online. Please visit www.
service, will help you take advan- lished reputation who have made
tage of valuable career opportuni- outstanding contributions in
Mailing Lists
ties. Check out the many services some respect of statistical work
available at are recognized by selection for the Reciprocal Societies of
The ASA membership list is avail-
jobweb, or email jobweb@ honorary title of Fellow. Please visit
able for rental from our list broker,
the ASA for more
InFocus. Please contact Jessecua
The ASA is happy to announce Nairn of InFocus at JNairn@
an additional membership dis- for more informa-
Chapters & Sections
count for members of reciprocal tion or to order the ASA mailing
Network with thousands of col-
Grant Program
statistical societies. If you reside list. Only members who choose
in a developing country and are a to participate are listed.
leagues through ASA’s regional Six major research programs
member of one of the ASA’s recip-
chapters and special-interest sec- and one grant program are
rocal societies, you are eligible to
tions. For more information, visit administered by the ASA. Please
receive an additional $5 off your or www. visit
developing country membership fellowshipsgrants.cfm or email
dues. Please visit for more
index.cfm?fuseaction=ShowApp for
more information.
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