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Highlights of the December 2008
ASA Board of Directors Meeting
n his final meeting as president, Tony Lachenbruch — The board heard recommendations from the
2008 ASA
led the Board of Directors through a wide-ranging Committee on Meetings regarding methods for select-
Board of
discussion of important topics during its meeting ing future JSM locations.
on December 5–6, 2008, in Alexandria, Virginia.
— The Committee on Publications recommended the
Here are the highlights:
creation of a new journal, Contemporary Nonparametric
Tony Lachenbruch
— The ASA’s Director of Science Policy, Steve Pierson, Statistics. Additional work on funding methods for the Sally Morton
updated the board on federal funding of statistical journal is needed before it can be approved, and this
Mary Ellen Bock
programs, plans for a congressional visit at the end of work will be done this spring as part of the ASA’s nor-
JSM, development of a set of communications for pol- mal budgeting process.
Bob Rodriguez
icymakers about the role of statistics, and other activi-
— The position of publications representative to the
Alicia Carriquiry
ties in science policy and governmental relations.
board and chair of the Committee on Publications
Nat Schenker
— Pierson and former ASA President Barbara Bailar was separated into two positions. The publications
invited the board to endorse a bill proposed by Rep. representative, who is elected by the membership,
Ron Fecso
Carolyn Maloney that would make the U.S. Census will continue to be an ex-officio voting member of Tom Santner
Bureau an independent agency, with its director the Committee on Publications. The chair will be
David Banks
appointed for a five-year term. The board approved appointed by the president-elect.
sending letters of support to the House and Senate.
— Representatives of the Biopharmaceutical Section
Katherine Monti
— The board approved a recommendation from updated the board on plans to create an interactive
John Boyer
the ASA’s Committee on Scientific Freedom and web site for career development. The section will be
Susan Hilsenbeck
Human Rights to set up a group to look at sta- working with other sections to develop content for
tistical methods used by USAID to determine the the site.
Geert Verbeke
effectiveness of childhood vaccination programs in
— The board approved a statement on appropriate
Ed Wegman
developing countries.
methods for disclosure control. The statement was
Sastry Pantula
— Board members held a brainstorming session developed by the ASA’s Committee on Privacy and
with leaders of the federal statistical system to discuss Confidentiality, with help from several other com-
Ron Wasserstein
ways to improve the statistical work force pipeline mittees. The content of this statement appears on the
into the system. following page.
2009 ASA
— The board heard reports from the Membership — Workgroups involved in implementing specific ini-
Surveys Committee (Tim Keyes, chair) and the tiatives pertaining to the ASA’s strategic plan reported
Board of
Committee on Outreach Education (Wendy their progress to the board. Nat Schenker is leading a
Martinez, chair), outlining the activities and future group considering ways to develop regional/thematic Sally Morton
goals of these committees. meetings. Keith Ord’s group is developing policies
Sastry Pantula
— Martinez, who is also program chair for JSM 2009,
for spending and size of reserves, and Bob Rodriguez
updated the board on the status of the 2009 program.
heads a group that is making recommendations for
Tony Lachenbruch
The program committee is on schedule and assem-
change to the ASA’s committee structure.
Alicia Carriquiry
bling a large and diverse program for our meetings — The board heard a presentation from Lou
Nat Schenker
this summer. DiGioia, executive director of the MATHCOUNTS
— The Committee on Committees recommend-
Foundation, which hosts the largest national math-
ed changes to the charge and composition of
ematics competition for middle-school students. The
some committees, and the board approved
ASA has become MATHCOUNTS’ first partner in
Tom Santner
these recommendations.
its “Math at Work” initiative.
David Banks
— The board created two new presidential awards.
— As it does at every meeting, the board heard
Jeri Mulrow
The Waller Education Award, created sev-
reports from the Council of Sections and the Council
eral years ago through a gift from Ray and
of Chapters. It also received a financial report from
John Boyer
Carolyn Waller, moved from being a sec-
Treasurer Sastry Pantula.
Susan Hilsenbeck
tion award to an association award.
— The board adopted conflict of interest and whistle-
David Marker
Janet Elashoff and the rest of the fam-
blower policies for the association.
Geert Verbeke
ily of W. J. Dixon are giving a gift to the
— The board heard farewell remarks from outgoing
ASA to create the W. J. Dixon Award for
board members Mary Ellen Bock, Bob Rodriguez,
Karen Kafadar
Excellence in Statistical Consulting.
Ron Fecso, Katherine Monti, and Ed Wegman.
Keith Ord
— The board will meet again in April for its initial
Ron Wasserstein
meeting of 2009. ■
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