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Section Announces New Officers
Page Moore, Biometrics Section Publications Officer
he Biometrics Section officers would like to introduce Michigan. His research inter-
you to the current members of the section’s executive ests are in nonparametric
committee. But before doing so, we want to offer well- regression, time series analysis,
deserved thanks to the outgoing officers. and longitudinal data analysis.
The section chair for 2009 is Daniel Heitjan. Heitjan is Hormuzd Katki will serve as
a professor of biostatistics and statistics at the University of section program chair for JSM
Pennsylvania. He previously worked at UCLA (1985–1988), 2010. Katki is a staff scientist
Penn State (1988–1995), and Columbia University (1995– in the Biostatistics Branch
2002). His research is in incomplete data, clinical trials, longi- of the Division of Cancer
tudinal studies, health economics, and pharmacogenomics. His Epidemiology and Genetics at
collaborative work has been predominantly in cancer, cardiac the National Cancer Institute.
surgery, and smoking cessation research. He earned his PhD in biosta-
Heitjan takes over for Jeremy Taylor, pharmacia research tistics from The Johns Hopkins
professor of biostatistics and a professor in the Department of University. His primary research
Radiation Oncology in the School of Medicine at the University interests are in individualized
of Michigan. He earned his PhD in statistics from UC Berkeley models to predict risk of disease
and was on the faculty at UCLA from 1983 to 1998, when he (cervical cancer) or of carrying
moved to the University of Michigan. He has worked in various highly penetrant mutations
areas of statistics and biostatistics, including Box-Cox transfor- (BRCA1/2), two-phase designs
mations, longitudinal and survival analysis, cure models, miss- for epidemiologic studies nest-
ing data, smoothing methods, and surrogate and auxiliary vari- ed within cohorts (R package
ables. He has collaborated heavily in radiation oncology, cancer NestedCohort), and statistical
research, and bioinformatics. issues involving cancers related
Our chair-elect for 2010 is Barry Graubard. Graubard is to human papilloma virus.
a senior investigator in the Biostatistics Branch, Division of Jerry Heatley fol-
Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute lows Mahlet Tadesse as our continuing education
(NCI), where he works on statistical methods for epidemiologic chair. Heatley is the senior manager of clinical data sys-
and genetic analysis of data from national health surveys with tems at Thoratec Corporation, a medical device com-
complex sample designs. He earned his PhD in mathematics pany and the world leader in ventricular assist device
from the University of Maryland, College Park. Graubard has technology. Prior to joining Thoratec, Heatley worked as a
been at NCI since 1990 and previously worked at the National research associate in statistics for the Lahey Clinic Medical
Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Alcohol Center in Burlington, Massachusetts.
Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, and National Jinbo Chen will serve as the Biometrics Section program chair
Center for Health Statistics. He collaborates in a variety of areas for the 2009 ENAR meeting program. Chen is assistant profes-
of cancer and public health research, including diet and body size sor in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the
related to cancer and other causes of mortality, cancer screening, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. She earned her
cancer surveillance, epidemiology of testicular cancer, and family PhD in biostatistics from the University of Washington in 2002
history of cancer. and subsequently worked as a research fellow at the Biostatistics
We welcome Tom Belin, who will serve as our secretary/ Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics,
treasurer, taking over for Jianwen Cai. Belin is a professor in the National Cancer Institute. She joined the biostatistics faculty
UCLA Department of Biostatistics, where he has worked on at Penn in 2006. Her primary research interests include statis-
incomplete data methods and in a variety of applied areas, includ- tical methods in genetic epidemiology; missing data problems;
ing mental health research, cancer prevention and control, health and collaborative research in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and
services research, and public-health dentistry. He earned his PhD reproductive health.
in statistics in 1991 from Harvard, and among other professional Our section program chair for the 2010 ENAR meeting
interactions with executive board members, he worked closely program is Liang Li. Li is assistant staff in the Department of
with Taylor at UCLA. Quantitative Health Sciences at the Cleveland Clinic. He earned
Wensheng Guo is the Biometrics Section program chair for his PhD in statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
JSM 2009. Guo is associate professor in the Department of in 2003. His main areas of research include measurement error
Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania models, varying coefficient models, joint analysis of longitudi-
School of Medicine. He joined the biostatistics faculty in 1998, nal and survival data, and statistical applications in cardiac and
after earning his PhD in biostatistics from the University of thoracic surgeries.
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