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*19–21—21st Annual Kansas State *30–5/2—SDM09: The Ninth SIAM
*18–20—32nd Annual Midwest
University Conference on Applied International Conference on Data
Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop
Statistics in Agriculture, Manhattan, Mining, Reno, Nevada
(MBSW), Muncie, Indiana
Kansas This conference provides a venue for
Cosponsored by Ball State University and
This conference will bring together stat- researchers to present their work in a peer-
the Biopharmaceutical Section of the ASA,
isticians from academia, industry, and reviewed forum. It is also an ideal setting
this workshop will be held at the Alumni
government to discuss ideas and advances for graduate students and others new
Center of Ball State University. Michael
in the application of statistics to solve agri- to the field to learn about cutting-edge
O’Connell (Tibco) will present a half-day
cultural research problems. The three-day research by hearing talks, attending tutori-
short course, titled “Integrating Graphics
conference will include a keynote speaker, als (included with conference registration),
and Statistics Across Pharmaceutical
workshop, and series of contributed paper and participating in workshops held on the
Research and Development.” Plenary
and poster presentations. For more infor- last day of the conference. Conference pro-
speakers include Scott Evans (Harvard)
mation, visit ceedings from previous years are available at
and Paul Stang (J&J). Invited talks will be
conference or contact John Boyer, Kansas For more infor-
presented in four parallel tracks: clinical,
State University, Department of Statistics, mation, visit
discovery/pre-clinical, nonclinical, and
101 Dickens Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506; or contact Chandrika Kamath, 7000 East
post-marketing. There will also be a con-
(785) 532-0518; Avenue, L-561, Livermore, CA 94551;
tributed poster session. Poster abstracts
(925) 423-3768;
must be submitted by April 20, 2009.
23–24—Recent Developments in
Students may submit posters for the
Applied Probability and Statistics,
Charlie Sampson Award. For details, visit
Ankara, Turkey or contact Melvin
The Institute of Applied Mathematics at May
Munsaka, One Takeda Parkway, Deerfield,
Middle East Technical University and the
IL 60015; (847) 582-3533; mmunsaka@
Department of Mathematics at Darmstadt
3–8—Statistical Advances in Genome-
Technical University are organizing this
Scale Data Analysis, Ascona, Switzerland
workshop in memory of Juergen Lehn,
This interdisciplinary workshop will
25–29—41st Annual Conference of
who passed away on September 29, 2008.
address the challenges posed by the enor-
the French Statistical Society,
For more information, visit www3.iam.
mous need for quantitative data integra-
Bordeaux, France or contact Zeynep
tion and modeling in biology. Targeted
For information, visit
Kalaylioglu, Department of Statistics,
areas include emerging technologies, anal-
Middle East Technical University, Ankara,
ysis of DNA composition data, machine
or contact Marta Avalos, 146 rue Leo
International 06531, Turkey; zeynepisil@
learning with genome-scale biomolecular
Saignat, Bordeaux, International 33076,
data, pharmacogenomics, and systems
France; 33 557 5715 34; Marta.Avalos@
approaches with heterogeneous data types.
25—The 23rd New England Statistics
We strongly encourage pre-registration;
Symposium, Storrs, Connecticut
in previous years, places have filled up
*27–29—2009 Spring Research
The Department of Statistics of the
quickly. For details, visit
Conference on Statistics in Industry
University of Connecticut will host this
Ascona_09 or contact Cecilia Rey, Seminar
and Technology, Vancouver, British
symposium to bring together statisti-
für Statistik, ETH Zentrum, LEO D11,
cians from all over New England. Invited
Zürich, International 8092, Switzerland;
This conference aims to promote research
keynote speakers are James O. Berger and
in statistical methods that address prob-
Richard A. Davis. There will be a half-
lems in industry and technology and to
day short course, “Hierarchical Modeling
››15–17—Innovation and Inventiveness
stimulate interaction among statisticians,
for Spatially Referenced Data with
in Statistics Methodologies, New Haven,
researchers in the application areas, and
Applications to Environmental Sciences
industrial practitioners. It also strives to
and Public Health.” There also will be
This workshop will emphasize areas of
encourage graduate students to pursue
several theme and contributed paper ses-
statistical research offering innovative
careers in industry and technology; stu-
sions. Talks on all aspects of statistics and
approaches to problems arising in various
dents are charged a reduced registration
probability are invited. The NISS Affiliates
branches of the sciences. At the same time,
fee, and scholarships are given to selected
Annual Meeting also will be held in Storrs
the workshop will cover topics of fun-
graduate students who present contrib-
on April 24. For more information, visit
damental statistical theory having broad
uted papers. For details, visit www.stat.sfu. or contact
applicability. In addition to the core invit-
ca/~boxint/src2009 or contact Boxin Tang,
Ming-Hui Chen, 215 Glenbrook Road,
ed talks, the workshop will feature poster
Department of Statistics and Actuarial
Unit 4120, Storrs, CT 06269-4120;
sessions and discussion sessions, providing
Science, Burnaby, British Columbia V5A
(860) 486-6984;
a forum for participants to interact and
1S6, Canada, 778-782-4898, boxint@
exchange ideas. For more information,
visit or
contact Harrison Zhou, 24 Hillhouse Ave.,
New Haven, CT 06511; (203) 432-0643;
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