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Member Demographics
■ Teaching Statistics: Resources
The ASA collects demographics
for Undergraduate Instructors
Information about any of the follow-
data to create summary reports of
is a publication of the ASA and
ing may be found by linking to the
the ASA membership and to devel-
the Mathematical Association of
American Statistical Association
web sites listed below or by contact- op new services for our members.
America. For more information and
732 North Washington Street
to order, visit
ing Member Services.
All individual demographic infor-
Alexandria, VA 22314-1943
mation remains confi dential.
Phone: (703) 684-1221
Please visit www.amstat.
org/membersonly and click
■ Guidelines for Assessment
Toll-free: (888) 231-3473
Amstat Online
“MyDemographics” under “My
and Instruction in Statistics
Fax: (703) 684-2037
Access up-to-date information from
Account” to participate.
Education (GAISE) Report: A
Amstat Online at Pre-K–12 Curriculum Framework
Updated often, the ASA’s web site provides a conceptual framework
gives you access to recent news;
for K–12 statistics education and
the ASA’s products and services; a coherent picture of the overall
ASA Departments
and section, chapter, and commit-
Nominate your colleagues for ASA
curriculum. For more information
tee homepages.
membership! You depend on the
and to order, visit www.amstat.
Advertising: advertise@ ASA, and we count on you, too. We
know our current members are the
ASA Membership
best possible sources for new mem-
Amstat News: amstat@
bers who could benefi t from all the
ASA members receive Amstat
ASA has to off er. Please visit www.
News; enjoy a variety of discounts
The ASA publishes brochures on
on peer-reviewed journals, maga- topics of interest to professional
zines, newsletters, proceedings, statisticians and those who want
Education: educinfo@
and brochures; build an invaluable
Sponsor an ASA Membership
to explore the fi eld of statistics.
network of more than 18,000 mem- Many brochures are available at
bers; expand career horizons; and
Now you can sponsor the member-
no charge or for a nominal fee. For
Fellowships and Research
access up-to-date information from
ship of a colleague, student, or K–12
more information and to order,
school. You also can give ASA mem-
Amstat Online at
To join, go to
bership as a gift! Please visit www.
Journals: journals@
Member Services CDs
Student Membership Drive
Do you have an address change, ■ 41 Years of Technometrics.
membership question, claim, or
Students join the ASA at the spe-
Now, you can have all articles
general inquiry? Please call the ASA
cial rate of $10. Please visit www.
published during the fi rst 41 years
Meetings: meetings@
Member Service’s toll-free direct
of Technometrics at your fi ngertips
line, (888) 231-3473, for all your ASA with 41 Years of Technometrics
needs. If you prefer, email Member on CD-ROM. The mission of
Services at, or Technometrics has been to contrib-
fax to (703) 684-2037. ute to the development and use of
Chapters are the grassroots of the
statistical methods in the physical,
ASA, which is why we are challeng-
chemical, and engineering sci-
Web site: webmaster@
ing our Chapters to help increase
ences. For more information and to
Campaigns for the ASA membership with the Chapter-Get- order, visit
Giving to the ASA
a-Member campaign. Please visit
Members and friends of the ASA ■ JSM Proceedings. Each year, the
may contribute to the statistics ASA publishes papers presented
profession by fi nancially supporting
our mission and goals. The ASA is a
Publications &
at JSM, as well as those presented
at other section-sponsored confer-
501(c) (3) not-for-profi t corporation.
Products ences. For more information about
Contributions to the ASA are JSM Proceedings, please visit www.
tax-deductible. Please visit
Back Issues for
Back issues of ASA publications
more information.
may be ordered by sending an
email to Ethical Guidelines
Host a Membership Social
The purpose of this document is
to encourage ethical and eff ec-
Host a membership social and the
tive statistical work in morally
ASA will reimburse up to $100 to conducive working environments.
■ The ASA-SIAM Series on
cover the cost of pizza, sandwiches,
Statistics and Applied Probability Please visit
snacks, and soft drinks! Please visit
provides works of general interest about/ethicalguidelines.cfm
to statisticians, applied mathemati- contact Member Services to
cians, engineers, and scientists. The receive a copy.
for more information.
series is jointly published by the
ASA and the Society for Industrial
and Applied Mathematics. Please
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