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31–6/3—37th Annual Meeting of
the Statistical Society of Canada,
Vancouver, Canada Conference on “Probability, Statistics, and Related Areas”
This conference will bring together aca-
demic, governmental, and industrial
The Lamar University Mathematics Department will
researchers, as well as users of statistics and
host a regional conference on probability, statistics, and
probability. It will present workshops and
related areas in Beaumont, Texas, February 27–28.
invited and contributed sessions. The SSC
features sections in biostatistics, survey
The conference, organized on behalf of the university’s Department
methods, business and industrial statistics,
of Mathematics Graduate Research Committee, will be the inaugural
and probability. Consequently, the pro-
conference in a series and an opportunity for academics and industry
gram will include papers in all areas of sta-
researchers to present their work and exchange ideas. The department
tistics and probability. About 450 statisti-
plans to hold a conference annually with the topic varying each year.
cians are expected to participate. For more
For more information, visit\statconference
information, visit or contact
or contact conference organizer Kumer Pial Das, Department
Christian Léger, University of Montréal,
of Mathematics, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX 77710.
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
CP 6128 Succursale Centreville,
Montréal, Quebec H3C 3J7, Canada;
(514) 343-7824;
applied dynamics systems. For more infor- expansion of the department, tripling its
mation, visit size and greatly increasing its scope, while
workshop09 or contact Jiguo Cao, vigorously pursuing research programs in
Department of Statistics and Actuarial a number of areas at the intersection of
*2–5—2009 Quality & Productivity
Science, BURNABY, British Columbia mathematics, statistics, and biology. Many
Research Conference, Yorktown
V5A1S6, Canada; (778) 782-7600; of Yakovlev’s collaborators have accepted
Heights, New York invitations to participate as have other dis-
The conference theme is “Data, Statistics,
tinguished researchers who have worked in
and Vision Lead to Great Decisions.” The
5–9—O-Bayes09, Philadelphia,
related areas. There will be opportunities
focus, as always, will be on presenting lead-
to present papers, in poster format, related
ing edge research by academic and indus-
The 2009 International Workshop
to Yakovlev’s interests. It is intended to
trial statisticians and showing the best new
on Objective Bayes Methodology will
publish the papers presented in a peer-
statistical methods for improving industrial
facilitate the exchange of recent research
reviewed commemorative volume of
quality and productivity. There will be a
developments in objective Bayes meth-
proceedings. For more information, visit
pre-conference, full day course on June 2,
odology and provide opportunities for
followed by two and a half days of plenary/
new researchers to establish partnerships.
or contact Cheryl Cicero, 601 Elmwood
invited/contributed/tutorial sessions and
O-Bayes09 also will further crystallize
Ave., Box 630, Rochester, NY 14624;
special events. For more information, visit
objective Bayes methodology as an estab- or contact
lished area for statistical research. The
Emmanuel Yashchin, IBM T. J. Watson
workshop will consist of invited talks, 15–17—Second International
Research Ctr., P.O. Box 218, Yorktown
followed by discussion, and one or more Workshop in Sequential Methodologies,
Heights, NY 10598; (914)-945-1828;
sessions dedicated to contributed post- Troyes, France
ers. The first day of the workshop will IWSM is organized every two years and
include longer ‘tutorial’ sessions. For more covers all aspects of sequential methodolo-
4–6—Workshop on Statistical Methods
information, visit gies. Particular themes will include optimal
for Dynamic System Models, Vancouver,
statweb/Conference/OBayes09/OBayes.html stopping, sequential analysis, sequential
British Columbia, Canada
or contact Linda Zhao, 3730 Walnut St., estimation, hypotheses testing, change-
This workshop aims to foster the growing
Philadelphia, PA 19104; (215) 898-8228; point detection and isolation, mathemati-
demand for research and collaboration cal finance, quality control, clinical trials,
between statisticians and dynamic systems
sequential methods in signal/image pro-
modelers through a mixture of presenta-
cessing, sensors networks, surveillance and
››8–9—Statistical Modeling for
tions about new statistical methods, novel
Biological Systems: A Conference in
monitoring, fault detection and isolation,
applications of dynamic systems, and
Memory of Andrei Yakovlev, Rochester,
and teaching sequential methodologies.
areas in need of further collaboration.
New York
For more information, visit
Alongside the goal of bringing researchers
The Department of Biostatistics and
iwsm2009 or contact Igor Nikiforov, UTT,
together from diverse areas to share current
Computational Biology will host a sci-
12 rue Marie Curie BP 2060, Troyes,
research, the workshop aims to transfer
entific conference to honor late chair-
International 10010, France; +33 3 25 71
technology and cultivate new research in
man Andrei Yakovlev, who led a major
56 78;
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