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A wide range of information is
available to the visitor
Excellent photographs cover the bee's
life cycle
Heritage Lottery Fund and European All visitors were fascinated with the
Regional Development Fund. The new observation hive. The Association
Stockwood Discovery Centre was members again fielded further
formally opened by Charlie Dimmock questions on bees leading to a variety
of Ground Force fame on 12 July 2008. of discussions around honey, pollen,
queens and rearing, swarms andOne of the key themes at Stockwood
stings. Other members were hard atDiscovery Centre is protecting the
work making up brood boxes andenvironment. You can explore this
supers from flat packs, along withtheme in the buildings, gardens,
frames and foundation. This providedexhibitions and even in the shop and
visitors with good working examples of café. The Centre brings together a host
the variety of skills and knowledgeof attractions including beautiful
needed in the keeping of bees.historic walled gardens, fascinating
heritage displays, interactive Based on the questions raised by the increasing number of beginners at
environment galleries and visitors and the enthusiastic members courses over the past four years. This
opportunities for both play and of the Bedfordshire Beekeepers’ year they ran a very popular ‘One Day
relaxation. Association, I have this strong feeling Beekeeping Workshop’ at Stockwood
that their membership will beTHE NEW BEE GALLERY with six half-hour talks to give people
increasing considerably over the a background to beekeeping and a
coming months!I can only describe this as a fantastic chance to look at the bees in a hive
facility introducing both young and old Charlie Dimmock spent a long time in to see if they wanted to take up the
to the origins and the history of the Gallery. She is pictured with Chris craft.
beekeeping. Visitors can walk through Jenkins from the Bedfordshire The association has an established
the different sections of the Bee Beekeepers’ Association, with Gill apiary adjacent to the Discovery
Gallery dressed as a beekeeper in a Sentinella in the background. Centre. Members meet up every
veil. There are fun bee games and As can be seen from the photograph, Sunday during the summer months for
quizzes, along with many serious and Chris is showing her the workings of ongoing instruction and support for
highly factual displays on the different the WBC hive. Charlie expressed a the less experienced beekeepers. In
aspects of bees and beekeeping. On great deal of interest and said that she addition, new beekeepers are
display are many fine examples of would like to take up beekeeping but permitted to site their hives in the
beehives over the ages. These include felt it prudent to attend a beginners’ apiary for two seasons. This means
skeps, a most elaborate Victorian hive,
a WBC and a National hive. class before embarking. Associations they build up their knowledge and
in the Southampton area may wish to confidence while having many
Members of the Bedfordshire invite her along to some of their experienced beekeepers to call upon
Beekeepers’ Association help manage, meetings! for guidance.
maintain and run the Gallery.
placed in the different sections of the ASSOCIATION For further information on the
displays and answered a wide range Stockwood Discovery Centre:
of questions with professionalism and There have been several reports in
enthusiasm. Without doubt this many of the major newspapers about Stockwood Discovery Centre, London
partnership with the Centre and the the big rise in interest in beekeeping. Road, Luton LU1 4LX.
enormous interest in bees will pull in Bedfordshire is following this national Tel: 01582 548600
visitors to the centre all year round. trend. The association has seen an
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