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CIRCOMB made of exterior grade plywood and designed with
ventilation spaces at two ends, according to advice given in
The cost of consumables set us on the road to CirComb. In the Honey in the Comb by Eugene E Killion.
mid-nineties, a set of materials for a single round section cost
approximately £1.20. We found we could sell a set of PREPARING THE BEES
consumables at around half that price. It is still more expensive With a strong stock of bees and a good honey flow, a good
than a cut-comb container. The ease of harvesting and the quality crop of well-finished sections may be expected. Traditional
of presentation outweigh the cost for many and the premium price advice on producing sections is to reduce the space
of a round section compensates for the extra outlay. available to the bees in order to compel them to occupy the
THE ROUND SECTION SYSTEM sections. We have had good success with a single section
rack on a strong stock occupying a double brood chamber.
Round sections first appeared in the USA in the 1950s No queen excluder is used and no measures are taken to
under the Cobana brand. Thomas Ross later refined the compress the colony, avoiding the consequent tendency to
system and patented his Ross Rounds™ frames. These are induce swarming. This arrangement also excludes pollen
the frames which we offer for sale. The rings, which fit into from the sections. A standard honey super must not be
the frames when the system is being set up and which used along with the section rack as the bees will prefer the
form the sides of the completed section, are made of greater clustering space on the large frames. Also if a
translucent plastic, which allows the structure of the comb standard super is placed above the section rack, they will
to be displayed. The bees are happy with this material. move through the sections and store honey in the super
There is clear evidence of this with our translucent rings above. If more space is required to store honey above a
from sections in which the bees have begun to work at the section rack which is nearly full, a second rack should be
end of a honey flow. Even before the foundation is fully added. A large swarm will give a good crop if hived in a
drawn, the bees will put honey in contact with the plastic in brood box which is fitted with frames of foundation and a
the outer row of cells at the top of the section. Transparent lids round section rack added above.
are fitted top and bottom and are sealed with a custom-printed
label which runs round the side of the package. MORE INFORMATION
We also supply section racks in National and Smith styles, The Ross Rounds website at is useful, in
which hold 10 and 9 frames, respectively. The racks are addition to the books and website referred to previously.
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