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Paul, Mike and Ken of live apiary meetings but Another thing you will need
discussing the filming these films allow us to is a good digital projector of
reach a much larger about 2000 lumens or
audience – you can’t easily similar, capable of bringing
get 50 people around a out the finest detail.
beehive! Projectors have come down
The appreciative audience in price and can be bought
watching the DVD on a The sub-committee was soon for under £500, a big
screen nicknamed the ‘Bee difference in price since
Musketeers’ because the Derbyshire BKA bought its
closing scene of each videoweather was reasonable but projector for £1500 in 2004.
shows them sitting outsidea strong wind did make
The Office with a pint pot in You need a bit of a plan, a
things difficult. It was then their hands. The repartee ‘story board’; a good format
down to Mike Cross to edit between the Bee Musketeers that gives you a subject to
the video because he had is absolutely brilliant with the film all year round. Then
the required software and the videos being punctuated by choose a colony and follow
means of burning the DVD. witty remarks and jokes it throughout the
about each other, adding to beekeeping year. Film theOPENING NIGHT
the entertainment. The inspections, spring cleaning,
Tuesday 4 March was the information disseminated to feeding, treatments and so
The association was fortunate opening night for the DBKA the audience is of immense on; we actually picked a
to own a digital projector, ‘Studios’ first motion picture value, teaching the weak colony to follow. Wefundamentals of beekeeping.
lap-top and screen which had on beekeeping. Fifty start each film with a short
been purchased through a members turned up to see section on the forageDBKA STUDIOS
lottery grant for the Midland this spectacle and it was a available for the bees thatparticular month.
and South Western Counties howling success. Although DBKA Studios has now
Convention conference when the first attempt was fairly produced nine videos with a This can be the basis of 12
Derbyshire was the host amateurish, it provided a lot 750 GB slave drive holding short films, each one shown
association in 2005. Mike of amusement. all the clips and footage to at the corresponding
Cross owned a digital be called upon for futureMost importantly, however, monthly meetings. We find it
camcorder so all the necessary productions. The demandit showed new members best to film two beekeepers,
equipment was in place. from the membership towhat to expect when you Mike and Ken, together, as
you get more interaction and For the March meeting it was open up a bee hive. A produce more videos is
banter, with one askingdecided to film Ken Gillman, number of them had not yet strong. The Bee Musketeers
pertinent questions, theAKA a mature Brad Pitt, going experienced that. As each have plans for next year to
month went by, practice, film other members’ other answering, then boththrough a bee hive, with
plus the addition of a new apiaries showing their agreeing to disagree! It’sMike Cross asking awkward
sound system, made the beekeeping techniques and great fun to do, and whenquestions and Paul Francis
productions even better, methodology. Members can shown at the meetings,taking charge of the camera.
although we still await that borrow copies of the DVDs causes considerable debateFilming had to take place
call from Tarantino! which are held in the and laughter.during the last week of
association library.February. Fortunately the We recognise the benefits So have a go, keep the
Motion pictures at our films fairly short, about 35
indoor meetings have beenThe filming schedule minutes, and then there is
a great success and we time for a sandwich, drink
hope other associations and a chat afterwards. We
February Hive assembly July Honey harvest might give it a go. All you ask our members to give a
need to get going is a voluntary contribution of £1
March Quick inspection August Heather honey digital stills camera (nothing to pay for the buffet and any
fancy) and a camcorder, the profit made from that goes
type you would use on your towards the purchase of April Full inspection September Feeding, Apiguard
holidays. So dig out that books for the association’s
video camera, you know the growing library.
May Swarm prevention October Winter preparation one at the bottom of the
drawer that’s only been As Porthos, Athos and
used once, check the Aramis famously said, ‘All June Moving hives November Oxalic acid
battery and away you go. for one and one for all!’
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