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Editorial At the recent Annual Bee Meeting (page 6) beekeepers
throughout the British Isles confirmed that 2008 had been4 Starting Out: January
a bad year for our honey bees. Higher than usual winterJohn Williams, Master Beekeeper
losses were followed by a slow spring build up
6 The Annual Bee Meeting 2008 exacerbated by poor weather, resulting in low honey crops
Margaret Cowley, MSc from the usual early-season sources. This was followed by
an exceptionally wet summer, with low temperatures9 Nosema Infections in European Honey
meaning that bees weren't able to forage for their usualBees
summer nectar. Substantial numbers of colonies also diedIngemar Fries, PhD
out in August and September from starvation, many
12 Round Section Comb Honey colonies only being saved by beekeepers noticing the
Jim Macfarlane situation and feeding copiously at this time.
14 In Praise of Colony Losses Queen rearing was also hit by the poor summer, with many
Dorian Pritchard, Dip Gen, PhD queens unable to mate properly which led to colonies
dying out when the queens became drone layers.17 A Personal View of Beekeeping Down
Under What can we do to prevent a knock-on effect for 2009?
Pam Gregory, NDB Vigilance is needed: check for varroa and treat correctly and at
the right time, check for low food stores and feed if necessary. 19 The National Honey Show 2008
Andrew Gibb Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a better season in
21 The Bee Craft Courses Directory 2009 2009. Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!
29 Making Candy and Using It Margaret Cowley, Deputy Editor
Margaret Cowley, MSc
Apimondia gold medals: best magazine,31 The Bee Musketeers
website, books & educational material
Paul Francis, Mike Cross and Ken Gillman
33 Stockwood Discovery Centre
Andrew Butler
35 Essays in Beekeeping History: The Abbott
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