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at Soucy Plastiques, and all the design, engineering, conception, painting, fi n- ishing and assembly completed through Soucy International. “For the track systems in particular, most of the parts are made within the Soucy group,” Villeneuve said. Each company within the group

Soucy Belgen’s lines can produce castings in a range of sizes, from 0.5 to 24,000 lbs. These lines include a mid-range nobake line, larger automated nobake molding (above), and fl oor molding.

Vertically Integrated

Soucy is privately owned with 1,500 employees at 11 facilities in North America and Asia. T e com- pany started in 1967 as a distributor of parts and accessories for snowmo- biles and it grew from there to track systems for equipment in the defense and agriculture segments. Starting in the 1990s, Soucy began adding companies to his manufacturing group in earnest, creating a vast vertically

integrated network. Soucy Belgen is the latest of these acquisitions. T e integration is evident in its track

kits. T e rubber track is manufactured at Soucy Caoutchouc , the rubber compound produced at Soucy Techno, rubber bonding is conducted at Soucy Baron, the cast wheel made at Soucy Belgen, machining done at Soucy Rivalair, plastic parts made

can utilize the capabilities of a sister company. If Soucy Belgen needs machining services, it may opt to source to Soucy Rivalair, or an inde- pendent machine shop , depending on capabilities, cost and availability. But the close access to the various other companies ensures customers they can source a complete part from Soucy Belgen, including machining, assembly and painting if needed.

Building a New Plant Soucy Belgen’s investments are

clear in the fi rst step into the new metalcasting facility. T e light is bright and abundant. T e roof is high, make the building feel open. Sight lines stretch across the molding, melting and pouring departments. T e employ- ees are engaged in their jobs. T ey are pouring large amounts of molten iron; they work safely and carefully. T e facility features new induction

furnaces, an automated nobake mold- ing line and fl oor molding. Villeneuve said the core business

for Soucy Belgen falls in the range of 500 to 10,000 lbs. per part, and capable of producing up to 10 molds per hour. T ese castings are produced on the automatic nobake molding line built by IMF. Mold sizes can vary from 48 x 48 in. up to 100 x 76 in. T e fl oor molding area can handle parts up to 12,000 lbs., and at the moment it’s the busiest part of the plant.

”We off er fl exibility The Soucy group manufactures track kits for power

sports, agriculture and defense markets. Its various companies furnish the components and manufacturing of most of the track system. The center wheel is cast at Soucy Belgen. Above is the S-Tech 800 track kit for high HP tractors.

22 | MODERN CASTING October 2016

and agility to our cus- tomer base in terms of weight and sizes. Right now, we are busier in the fl oor molding area. Some products are simply too large for a molding line but we also invested to bring some automation in the fl oor molding area.” Eventually, Soucy Belgen will

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