Evening of Spirit Communication & Medium- ship w/ Psychic Medium Laura Beers. Connect with loved ones on the other side. 6:30-8:30p. $35 prepaid or $45 at door. Pay online at HealYourSpir- Lotus Yoga Center 465 Oakland Ave. Apopka 32703. 321-751-4766.


Infrared Cabin Sauna Burn calories, reduce cel- lulite, reduce pain & stress, detox, help arthritis, improve circulation, help heal cancer & injuries, relax. Special pricing. By appt. The Nature’s Gar- den, Mtld. 407-599-0406.

Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) Central Florida Chapter. Ross Hoff - man will present “Introduction to Postural As- sessment.” Doors open at 4p for networking; Announcements 5:30p; Presentation begins at 5:45pm. Free to all FSMTA members, $30 for non- member LMTs that wish to receive CE credit. Held at Marks Street Senior Recreation Center, Orl. Visit www.fsmta-cfl .com for more info.

Medicine Making Monday: Bitters. Digestive issues? Metabolic disorders? Sugar or food addic- tion? In a world in which we are overfed yet un- dernourished, could the forgotten bitter fl avor pro- fi le be the missing piece? Explore the rich history, cultural use, science & preparations. We’ll discuss several diff erent plants commonly described as bit- ter with the opportunity to smell, taste, and experi- ence them. There will also be a demo as well as tips and tricks on formulating so you can make your

own bitters at home! 7pm. $20. Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl. 407-595-3731. www.Holisti-

An Evening with a Psychic $25. The Wellness Cen- ter of Sanford. Call for appt: 833-Shift4U (744-3848)


Fertility Support Group. Enjoy a great time with others who are on the fertility journey. Share your challenges and success stories with others who understand. Topics include: Miscarriage, IVF/IUI, baby loss, stress, fi nancial resources, alternative medicine options, conceiving after 35 and more. 6-8p. Free. Hope Fertility Support Center, WP. 321-203-2213.


Kava & Koloring 8-10p. The Healthy Buddah: All 3 locations: Mount Dora 352-729-6609, Winter Park 407-878-7814 & Sanford 407-622-4777.

Controlling Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS is a chronic condition that aff ects the large intestines. This can manifest as lower abdominal pain, bloat- ing, gas and changes in bathroom routines. The exact cause of IBS is currently unknown; how- ever, there are lifestyle changes that can be imple- mented to reduce the intensity and frequency of these symptoms. Join Shannon as she explains the possible causes of IBS and some changes you can make to reduce its eff ect on your life. $20. Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl. 407-595-3731.


Combating Diabetes If you (or someone you know) are dealing with diabetes, there is no ques- tion that you must pay attention to what you eat each day. Proper food consumption has a very strong infl uence. By making smart food choices, you can maintain control over your diabetes and live fully. Presented by Amar Kalidas, DO, top- ics include: Learn How to Eat Right • Prevention and Reversal of Diabetes • Lose weight and Cut Medications. 6p. Free. The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, Orl. Limited seating: RSVP to 407-355-9246.

AcuBalance Yoga & Meditation Balance the body through yoga, acupuncture and meditation with your practitioners Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, E-RYT and Janine Margewicz, Acupuncture Physi- cian. You can choose traditional acupuncture or ear seeds for your session. 7:15-8:30p. $25. Tranquiliti Wellness Center, Windermere, 407-242-7180.


Nutritional Blood Analysis A single drop of blood placed under a microscope can detect Parasites, Fungus, Yeast, Uric Acid, Poor Digestion, Vitamin- Mineral Absorption etc. Get to the “root cause” of your symptoms. See results instantly on a monitor. Special Price. The Nature’s Garden, Maitland. By appt: 407-599-0406.

Hot Flashes and Menopause Symptoms Dis- cussion w/ Dr. Michelle Eggenberger, Doctor


Central Florida

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