Making the right connections


onnectivity specialist Harting Technology Group has developed an inspection robot for the connection systems used between railway carriages. According to Christian Schumacher, managing director of Harting

Customised Solutions (HCS), these additional testing options represent an expansion of the company’s expertise in this area. “This is another big step for Harting, which enables us to offer our railway customers a complete package,” he says. This latest development means the Harting

Quality and Technology Centre (HQT) will be able to test inter-carriage cables under realistic operating conditions. The entire life cycle can be simulated in accordance with the route profile, allowing the load of the so-called “jumper cable” to be adjusted and documented. This additional testing option completes the

service package Harting has previously offered. HCS has long delivered expert advice, conceptional design and selection of the right components according to the latest railway standards as well as the production of complete inter-carriage systems. “This investment helps us to support our customers’ engineering needs even more effectively, thanks to our many years of experience and outstanding testing capabilities. This saves time and money. We can provide complete support from design through the final realisation and production of the inter- carriage systems,” says Matthias Wiehe, head of Global Project Engineering at Harting.

COMPACT AND SECURE CONNECTIONS To save energy and make optimum use of available space, Harting’s rail engineering developers are always looking for new ideas. Even components such as connectors require attention because they can make a significant long-term contribution towards reducing rail vehicle operating costs. Consequently, Harting introduced the Han 1A

connector series, which enables high-performance connections for small to medium-sized electrical assemblies in rail vehicles as well as reliable, fast Ethernet. The new interfaces require minimal space and are easy to install. There is a broad range of connectivity products, from IP20 connectors for the control cabinet, through to protection class IP65 and all the way to contact inserts for interference- proof data transmission.

20 /// Testing & Test Houses /// June 2019

Harting adds test and inspection services to its range of connectivity products for modern railway carriages with a wide range of electrical functions

The new plastic connectors reduce the dimensions

of the previously smallest rectangular connector in the sector, the Han 3A, by 30 percent. The system is modular and uses eight different contact inserts, which are used for transmitting data, signals or power. In addition, there are plastic housings, locking mechanisms, mounting frames, cable adapters and strain reliefs, which are equipped with different coloured elements for error-free coding.

RAILWAY STANDARD COMPLIANCE Railway standards require that connectors provide trouble-free transmission even in environments subject to heavy-duty stresses and loads where transmission of data and signals must be protected against electrical and magnetic interference. The Han 1A is particularly well-suited for such applications since it offers inserts which, in addition to Han D contacts and PE, have a double slot for a shielding plate. This enables the protected transmission of signals and power up to a maximum of 10A/400V. The Han 1A is particularly suitable for supplying

power to door drives and entry systems. Adapters and contact inserts for M12 D-coded and M12 X- coded are also available to ensure trouble-free data transmission in rail vehicles. M12 D-coded enables shielded data transmission to Cat 5, while M12 X- coded transmits to Cat 6A. Due to its modularity and the large variety of

inserts, the Han 1A is suitable wherever small drives, sensors and devices are required. In traffic engineering, this could be feeding door drives and entry systems, lighting, headlights, loudspeakers, screens, scoreboards, warning and alarm lights, push buttons, wipers or beepers. T&TH

❱❱ Inter-carriage connections enable reliable

operation of doors and entry systems while the Han 1A provides robust multiple-mode connectivity fully shielded and encased for operation in harsh conditions

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