boutique fitness

Bootcamp-style workouts that appeal to all

IN 2004, bored and disengaged with regular gyms, Chris Elms set out to create an engaging fitness concept that delivered results. Elms wanted something more personal

than an exercise class, but maintained the energy and community of group exercise. He wanted the benefits of personal training without the expense and he wanted to appeal to people of all fitness levels, with everyone seeing results. The result was YourZone45. Designed for

those who want to lose body fat, shape their body and improve their fitness, YourZone45 challenges all muscles with cardiovascular activity and functional and resistance training in an interval format. The combination of personal attention and

guidance, group exercise and accessible, pre-designed workouts overcomes the key issues people face when trying to achieve their health and fitness goals: motivation, enjoyment and results. YourZone45 primarily uses Escape and StarTrac equipment with Myzone heart rate

tracking wearable technology. The studios feature cardiovascular equipment surrounding a functional floor space all directed towards the heart rate display. Following the launch of the first two studios,

Elms developed the franchise model in 2015. To date there are four studios in Braintree, Colchester, Colliers Wood and Bingley and a further four are set to open in the coming months in Greenwich, Southampton, Borough and Woking. Initially based in industrial units, the

company is now focussed on high street locations and commercial units in high foot traffic locations. A typical studio operates with a maximum membership of approximately 330 and members subscribe on flexible, six month and 12 month memberships with single session purchases available. The company aims to secure 12 new

franchisees in 2018, reaching 100 within the next three to four years. Global Boutique Trends Report 2018

THE ukactive Research Institute collaborated with zingfit to share the latest boutique trends, both in London and further afield. Using data from the zingfit scheduling system in London, New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles, the report looks at a number of key factors which shape how boutique fitness is offered worldwide. Top line findings include a clear gender bias

towards female customers with all four locations showing a big skew in the age distribution of customers towards the younger


age groups. In fact, each city has less than eight per cent of customers aged 45 and over. The customer data from the London

studios shows that boutique fitness transcends national borders, with visitors from across the globe taking part in classes across the capital. Ease of booking and lack of membership commitment make boutique classes appealing to those who live in London and those passing through. Looking at how customers are booking their classes shows that one in four classes in

London is booked as part of a package of 10 classes or more. One-off classes make up 11 per cent of all bookings, showing the power of boutiques to foster a strong sense of loyalty as customer switch from one-off classes to bulk class purchases. ClassPass bookings make up just under one in five bookings (18 per cent), with introductory offers for new customers counting for one in 10 bookings (11 per cent).

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