Ensuring safety in numbers

IN RECENT years normal daily life has been impacted by deadly vehicle attacks. Cities across the world, including Barcelona, London, Nice and Melbourne have all been impacted. Unfortunately, stadiums, sports grounds and other crowded places continue to face real threats as they remain attractive targets for terrorists. These attacks have highlighted the need for

venue and security managers to include vehicles as a weapon in their risk assessments / mitigation processes and to consider how they can effectively protect people from hostile vehicle attacks. Robust and effective protection comes in the

shape of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers. For large stadiums and new build projects permanent HVM barriers such as bollards, seating and planters will be a significant part of the solution. Where this is not possible, or additional protection is needed to protect the large number of people on the surrounding streets, such as at football matches, or one-off

events, re-deployable barriers can be used to create a holistic solution. Specifically developed to protect against

vehicle borne attacks, the Impakt Defender is an easily deployable surface mounted vehicle security barrier (VSB). Tested to the international standard for HVM products, IWA14-1, the Impakt Defender is capable of bringing to a stop a heavy vehicle travelling at 48km/hr. Made from recycled rubber, bonded with

polyurethane for strength, each Impakt Defender unit is 1m high by 1m wide by 1m deep and weighs 430 kg. Blocks are interconnected and secured by 20 mm diameter steel cables, working with the blocks' unique shape and large footprint to deform and absorb energy on impact and increase its stopping performance. Designed to protect both entrance areas and

perimeters, the system can be deployed either anchored or unanchored. Unanchored, it works as a free-standing barrier, but it can be integrated with other

security measures, such as ground anchors, barges and fencing systems, to produce a stronger, anchored system. Its tough construction enables it to be installed almost anywhere, removed and reused. The Impakt Defender has been used at a range

of events and locations to protect the public from vehicle borne attacks. In 2017 it was deployed as part of an integrated HVM solution to protect crowds at London's Olympic Park during the IAAF World Athletics Championships. For smaller venues such as sports centres, or

one-off events requiring protection for a matter of hours, operators can install a more proportionate HVM measure, such as the Rapid Defender. Made up of robust rubber units weighing just 42kg each, the deployable surface mounted system can be set up to provide protection in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, hostile vehicle attacks are here

to stay. However, for professionals responsible for venue safety, there are a growing number of effective solutions on offer to help prevent attacks and expert advice available from local counter terrorism security advisors and the Sports Grounds Safety Authority. 24

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