Two play areas to challenge kids and adults

TWO new play areas have re-opened at the Cober Hill Conference and Education Centre in Cloughton, Scarborough designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Sutcliffe Play was tasked with freshening up the dated play areas at the site, with the introduction of equipment designed for younger children, and an assault course that could be enjoyed by adults looking to undertake team building exercises. The company worked with Cober Hill board to develop the plans for the £36,000 project, which it describes as one of the most challenging installations ever undertaken by Sutcliffe Play, due to the layout of the site and the need to set the equipment on two levels. New features at the site include the Orchard Toot & Slide, with a low platform, binoculars, pipes for playing music, and a slide to get back down to the ground; Teepee with slide, a challenging wooden play unit with a den below, where children can also use one of three climbing sides to race to the top and slide back down to the ground; the inclusive Busy Bee Springie, with a rubber moulded seat and a backrest offering additional support for younger users; and the Curlicue rotator, taking the form of a simple spiral, which uses the changing centre of gravity to propel users around. At the second site, children and adults can

enjoy the Cober Hill Assault Course, which comprises the Orchard Tangle Trail, designed to offer a mix of balancing, climbing and traversing activities using wooden trim trail elements; an Inclined Balance Beam, for

balancing and co-ordination; and Stepping Pods that can be used to hop from one to another around the course.

SMART playground opens at Ashford Outlet Centre

KOMPAN has designed and installed a digitally- enhanced playground for Ashford Designer Outlet, which includes one of the UK’s tallest open space Robinia tree house towers. The new play space features immersive augmented reality play experiences. With a bespoke Garden of England theme, the SMART Playground’s technology means that through QR codes placed on the playground equipment – or via the Apple or Android App Store – children can download the Hans Christian Andersen Play Gate app.

When the app is opened children can enjoy digital versions of their favourite fairy tales. The Play Gate app allows fairy tale characters to 'magically' appears on the playground, where adults can encourage children to interact with the character and promote role play in the playground. Bright flowers and butterflies, giant grass blades and an abundance of greenery have


been used to further bring the Garden of England theme to life forming a natural extension of Europe’s largest living wall, which has just opened at the Designer Outlet.

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