sports buildings

Built to last

AKELEY Wood Senior School is a leading private school in Milton Keynes and one of 40 schools owned by the specialist education company Cognita.

Housed in a Grade II listed building with no indoor sports facilities, the school appointed CopriSystems to design and build a sports dome to accommodate a variety of sports and activities.

The brief was to supply and build a sports hall for multi-use with changing facilities, storage and a classroom with an office and foyer. The turnkey contract included groundworks, heating, lighting and sports equipment. The main sport dome measures 18.14m wide x 36.5m long x 9.17m high and is manufactured using a sustainable Glulam wood frame with a 900g panama PVC double membrane covering. Fully retractable curtain doors set along the side walls provide for natural ventilation and light. On one end of the dome is a prefabricated changing facility measuring 7.616m x 18.288m x 2.725m with the other the ‘main pavilion’ 6.943m x 18.288m x 2.725m with a storage room 3.01m x 6.705m x 2.725m

CopriSystems has designed and built a temporary sports dome to accommodate a variety of sports and activities at a Grade II listed school.

Akeley Wood School has Glulam wood frames and for every tree cut down a new one is planted in its place

located on the side, all prefabricated to help reduce cost, lead time and site installation. The structure is heated in accordance with building regulations and the main dome structure is equipped with electric radiant heaters that heat the person and not the space, helping to reduce running costs. Along the centre of the roof, CopriSystems installed bespoke air socks for effective and efficient air circulation, which blow the warm air that rises back down to floor level.

The Glulam wood frame is designed to last indefinitely and should be re-varnished every 10 to 15 years, while the covering is designed to last between 20 to 30 years if maintained correctly. “This was a greenfield site and so needed a full design and build foundation ring beam with additional foundations for the prefabricated structures. Within the foundation rig beam, the area was excavated to a suitable depth in order to lay compacted stone and 65mm of dense macadam for the final 6mm cushioned PU sport surface to a +/-3mm tolerance,” explains Rafe Colenso, managing director of Copri Systems. The facility offers one full sized basketball

court with electrically retractable basketball goals, court lines are also painted for netball or four badminton courts (not all sports can be played at the same time). The sport surface is a 6mm cushioned PU, the changing facilities can accommodate 30 female and 30 male pupils with a total of 20 showers and toilets, all built to comply with DDA regulations. The storage pavilion doubles as a plant room and the main pavilion comprises a staff changing room with shower and toilet, staff office, kitchen and foyer to enable viewing as well as a large classroom. The project took two and half months to complete and cost £627,588 + VAT. “The sports hall has benefited the school massively, providing a year-round facility. The hall is also used for third party hire for local sports clubs, including rugby, basketball, netball, badminton and archery. Set in a beautiful rural environment, the structure’s contrasting style does not retract from the Grade 11 listed building,” says Chris Richardson, facilities manager of Akeley Wood School. 31

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