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ARTHUR VAN OCH APPOINTED AS DIRECTOR SUPPLY CHAIN OF FORFARMERS Arthur van Och has been appointed Director Supply Chain in the Executive Committee of ForFarmers as of 14th

May 2018. He succeeds

Steven Read who was appointed COO of ForFarmers United Kingdom as of 1st

January this year. Mr. van Och is currently Director Logistics Europe for AB InBev,

one of the world’s leading beer brewers. He has gained extensive international supply chain experience during 13 years at AB InBev. Prior to his tenure at AB Inbev, Arthur van Och worked for Accenture and Philips.As Director Supply Chain ForFarmers, Arthur van Och oversees purchasing, formulation, pricing process, engineering, logistics, manufacturing and continuous improvement (including quality, health & safety). He will be located at the headquarters of ForFarmers in Lochem, the Netherlands.

CEES DE JONG APPOINTED AS NEW CHAIRMAN OF FORFARMERS SUPERVISORY BOARD ForFarmers announced that Cooperative FromFarmers U.A., as priority shareholder, has appointed Mr Cees de Jong as new chairman of the ForFarmers Supervisory Board, which took effect after the General Meeting of Shareholders. In this capacity, Mr de Jong will succeed Mr Jan Eggink who was

chairman of the Board since 2014. Cees de Jong became a member of the Board in 2017. Cees de Jong has a degree in medicine and business education

and has extensive international experience. His broad management experience with various listed companies is of great value to the Board. He is, at present, still President and CEO of the Danish listed bioscience company Chr. Hansen and has indicated that he will resign as of 31 May 2018.

Dr Pearse Lyons

A personal tribute By Andrew Mounsey

Dr Pearse Lyons, the founder and president of Alltech, died on March 8 aged 73 from an acute lung condition which developed following heart surgery. My parents, Howard and Jane Mounsey, felt a special affinity

towards Pearse. He had started Alltech with capital of $10,000 from a small office in the back of a garage in 1980, which was at much the same time and very similar circumstances to those in which my parents had launched Feed Compounder. The similarity between the two new ventures did not last long! While the magazine has survived and prospered, it still only employs three people (all sharing the same surname). Alltech, by contrast, expanded very rapidly, right from the early days. It turned over more than a million dollars in its first year of trading, and today employs over 5000 people in more than 100 countries and has turnover measured in the billions of dollars. But in spite of the disparity in size between the two organisations, Pearse always felt a debt of gratitude towards Howard and Jane as a consequence of the favourable coverage that Alltech received in the pages of Feed Compounder in the early 1980s, when the UK and Ireland became his US-based company’s first and second export markets. In those days, there were some within the industry who believed that these products were just ‘magic dust’ – all marketing and no science. Howard was not a scientist, but he was a keen judge of character, and it was his personal empathy towards Pearse which ensured that the profile of Alltech would be raised in the pages of the magazine. Jane was the original author of the Out & About series, which featured a visit to Alltech on three occasions over a number of years, with the first one being in the early days of the company’s

Dr Lyons’ postgraduate qualifications and early career were in brewing and distilling. In 1999, he purchased a brewery in Lexington, KY which went on to produce a number of award winning craft ales. A distillery was later added, making a range of spirits, and in 2017, another was opened in Dublin, which will produce Irish whiskey.

international expansion. She would pour her heart and soul into these articles, diligently researching and attempting to capture the essence of a company, which resulted in some very insightful copy. Her articles on Alltech were no exception, and this was something which Pearse would never forget. Dr Lyons grew up in Dundalk, Ireland and graduated from

University College Dublin with first class honours before completing his Masters and PhD in brewing and distilling at the University of


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