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VICTAM ASIA 2018 Visitors to Victam Asia 2018, which was held in Bangkok in late March, were pleased at the number of exhibitors, the wide range of products on display, especially the newly launched products and also the high quality of the exhibition stands and the professionalism of the show staff. There were 228 exhibitors and co-exhibitors from 33 countries present. Likewise, the exhibitors were very

satisfied with the visitors. Exhibitors were able to have serious discussions and negotiations with their clients and new potential clients that they had met at the show. The exhibitors also commented on the very high quality of the visitors and the wide range of countries from which they came. In all there were, over three days, 6,987

visits from 67 countries. A high proportion of the visitors were from outside Thailand, in fact 45%. These figures clearly demonstrate that the event is Asia’s international showcase for the feed and grain industries. The conference delegates also confirmed

the quality of the papers presented at the numerous conferences. The conferences had extensive programs which were well received.



Swine Research Days (JRP)

were held in Paris last February 6-7. Two communications from Animine, focused on current debate about zinc and copper in pig feeds. A study f rom Ghent Universi ty

(Belgium) showed that supplementation with pharmacological dosage of the standard zinc oxide or with lower dosage (110 mg/ kg) of HiZox®

, a potentiated form of zinc

oxide, increased gene expression for tight junctions proteins and for intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase, compared to the negative control. These effects are consistent with previous results on Transepithelial Electrical Resistance measured on Ussing chambers, which indicated an improved gut integrity. Growth promoting effect of high Cu levels

in the post-weaning phase of piglets was also presented. An experiment, supervised by Dr Bikker from Wageningen University, compared the effects of copper sulphate and copper(I) oxide (CoRouge®

). This new

source of copper, authorised in the EU since December 2016, maximises growth enhancement in comparison to copper sulphate at 15 and 160 mg/kg. With these innovative sources of zinc and

copper, nutritionists have some tools to face regulatory changes in the European Union.

FOR 2018 The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) announced the recipients of the 2018 IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award. This year’s program, sponsored by Alltech, honours 10 young agricultural journalists and communicators who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in reporting as well as excellent potential as leaders of the industry in the years to come. They were chosen by an international jury among applicants from many of IFAJ’s 43 member countries. “My father, Dr. Pearse Lyons, loved

talking to journalists and admired their ability to tell stories, particularly the stories within agriculture. He also understood the great importance of mentorship and education in his own life, which is why he was always a strong supporter of the IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders. This program is a perfect example of how bringing education and journalism together can cultivate passionate communicators within agriculture. As we remember Dr. Lyons’ life and legacy, we look forward to supporting the work of these young journalists for years to come and wish them the best of luck at Boot Camp in The Netherlands this year,” said Mark Lyons, president of Alltech. The 10 honourees will attend the

2018 IFAJ Congress in Wageningen, The Netherlands, in July. The Young Leaders will also participate in a Boot Camp in the days prior to Congress, which includes professional development and networking workshops and farm visits in the Wageningen area. The IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders Award

was established in 2006 by the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and Alltech to recognize emerging leaders in agricultural journalism and communications from around the world. In addition to global recognition, Young Leaders participate in professional development and networking programs held in conjunction with IFAJ’s annual Congress. The IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders program is a key force in developing the next generation of volunteers for IFAJ and its member guilds. For more information, visit


GUT HEALTH Nutriad participated in the 11th

Asia Pacific

Poultry Congress (APPC) organized by the World Poultry Science Association, which was held in Bangkok recently. Nutriad works with poultry producers around the world to support them with feed additives solutions that have effectively proven to promote gut health, even in an environment where the use of anti-biotics is increasingly being

restricted. In recent years ‘Gut health’ has

been gaining an increasing attention from veterinarians. It is understood that it refers to multiple positive aspects of the gastrointestinal tract, such as the effective digestion by absorption of food, absence of GI illness, normal and stable intestinal microbiota, effective immune status and a state of well- being. Any disturbance or imbalance in these matters could potentially impact the gut health of animals. It is therefore necessary to maintain the balance of all possible associated factors related to gut health. Poultry producers used to achieve this by using of Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs). The use of AGPs however is being increasingly restricted. That resulted in the development of natural additives that became part of alternative feed strategies. Nutriad has been pioneering research and product development that support producers around the world in achieving gut health and notices an increasing attention in Asia Pacific for its’ innovative solutions. At the APPC, Business Development

Manager Digestive Performance Daniel Ramirez presented on “Utilizing Feed Additives To Maximize Broiler Gut Health,” where he emphasized on the improvements that can be made by optimizing single molecule feed additives and by investigating their optimal use in specific programs, focusing on the application of butyrate (ADIMIX®

compounds (APEX®

Precision) and phytogenic 5).


SUSTAINABILITY BASF Corporat ion and arc-net , are collaborating to use blockchain technology to capture and analyse sustainability parameters in livestock production along the value chain. arc-net is a technology company utilizing blockchain technology to provide transparency in the agrifood industry. As part of this collaboration, BASF will use its tailored calculation tool, AgBalance™ Livestock to provide science- based information on environmental impacts along the animal production value chain. The preliminary phase of the pilot

project will focus on collecting data for evaluating sustainability measures within a controlled setting at the farm level. In parallel, automated farm-level data capture and environmental output calculation will be combined via blockchain technology. This information will provide environmental footprint along with full transparency and traceability along the entire value chain. In the future, this project will enable consumers to make informed choices about the meat they eat via an on-pack unique scannable code, providing information on the product’s provenance and environmental footprint.


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