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is to improve utilisation of lower cost feed materials in young and high performing animals and to enable cost effective formulations. Our products are easy to handle on a free flowing mineral carrier and are designed for different diet and market requirements. The product range contains enzymes which reduce anti-nutrients such as Phytate and non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) and release beneficial components of the diet that are usually unavailable to the animal. This increases the value of cereal based raw materials and co-products, reducing the requirement of high cost feed materials. Our enzymes are designed for use alongside our range of natural feed additives, creating beneficial synergies with our Eubiotics. By providing a healthy gut environment along with the substrates to support the beneficial microflora we see improvements in gut function and health. This focus helps us to improve animal performance naturally. For further details on how Anpario enzyme products can help you save money in this difficult climate, contact us by email at sales@anpario. com or call +44 (0)1909 537380 or see

AZELIS Azelis markets the proven Amylofeed E1612 and Endofeed DC E1601 fungal -based enzymes from Andrés Pintaluba S.A. to the pig and poultry feed trade in the UK. Amylofeed is a powdered concentrate for cereal-based piglet

diets incorporating ß-glucanase, ß-xylanase and α-amylase activity. It is unique within the EU as the only product registered for piglets containing high amounts of amylase produced by fungal fermentation. Fungal enzymes are compatible with the lower feed pH induced by the use or organic acids in starter diets. Pintaluba trials demonstrate FCR improvements of up to 5% and piglet weight gain improvements of up to 10% following inclusion of Amylofeed in the diet. Endofeed DC is the dedicated enzyme product for broiler and layer

diets, where the dual β-glucanase and β-xylanase activities against non-starch polysaccharides provide great flexibility in formulation as cereal costs fluctuate. Endofeed promotes average daily liveweight gain improvements of up to 15% in broilers and up to 10% higher egg weights in layers following enzyme inclusion. Endofeed DC has recently expanded its approval in the EU and is approved for use with fattening pigs also. In addition to their core enzyme activities, both Amylofeed

and Endofeed DC products have a range of ‘side activities’, including cellulases, hemicellulases, alpha-galactosidases and beta- mannanases. Feed inclusion rate for Amylofeed is 500g/T of finished feed.

Endofeed inclusion rate is 125g/T. Both products are packed in lined 25kg bags and have a 24-month shelf life. Alexander House, Crown Gate, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 2UP Tel: +44 (0)1928 793090

BASF PLC BASF is a leading manufacturer of phytase and NSP enzymes.

NEW for 2018 Natuphos E: BASF the Phytase pioneer setting a new benchmark As the first company to market a phytase for feed, almost 25 years ago, BASF is once again proud to be setting a new standard in feed phytase technology. By using Innovative hybrid technology BASF has been able to provide a multi-faceted enzyme molecule. The new Natuphos E enzyme technology results in unprecedented enzyme stability. This feature combined with the optimum enzyme activity of

Natuphos E in its targeted pH range, allows the highly efficient decomposition of anti-nutritive phytate in the very beginning of the digestive tract and thus maximises the time available for the animal to absorb the nutrients that would otherwise remain bound to and complexed with phytate. Natuphos E ensures a very fast and efficient release of phytate-

bound phosphorous, thus making it readily digestible for pigs & poultry. As a consequence of the breakdown of vegetable phytate, important minerals and trace elements, as well as protein and amino acids are made available to the animal, in addition to phosphorus. Natuphos E unlocks these natural resources and thus optimizes the profitability of feeds.

Natugrain TS is the flexible NSP enzyme from BASF New approval for fattening pigs. High biological efficacy was one of the most decisive factors in the development of Natugrain TS (TS = Thermo stable). Indeed its convincing beneficial effects in the digestive tract led to its two formulations, for 5 animal species groups being approved by the European Commission at one go. Available in both dry and liquid formulation Natugrain TS is

approved for broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, piglets, fattening pigs & minor avian species thus offering the feed producer greater flexibility and many advantages since one product can be used for almost all NSP – enzyme relevant diets. Natugrain TS contains the highly purified NSP – splitting enzymes endo-1,4-beta-xylanase and endo-1,4-beta-glucanase, thus allowing the beneficial effects of NSP enzymes to be maximised across a broad range of cereal based diets.

Liquid enzyme application In conjunction with its customers, BASF has developed a superior and reliable enzyme post pellet application approach for liquid enzymes. With the use of precise equipment, sophisticated process control and high quality installation, high dosing accuracy and minimal variation of enzyme is achieved in feed manufactured at high temperature.

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