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January Horoscope

CLUES ACROSS 1 Articulate (5) 4 Engraving (7) 8 Enigmatic (7) 9 Amity (5) 10 Work (4) 11 Part (8) 13 Ineffective person (4)

14 Inflamed eyelid (4) 16 1980 - 1989 (8)

17 Meal (4) 20 Relative amount (5) 21 Glucose regulator (7)

22 In the money (4, 3) 23 Before time (5)

CLUES DOWN 1 Chance determined (4, 2, 3, 4)

2 Aquatic rodent (5)

3 N. African fruit (4) 4 Accompany (6) 5 Ability (8) 6 Envisage (7) 7 Jealous (5, 4, 4) 12 Star musician (8) 13 Latest radio transmission (7)

15 Conviction (6) 18 Loafer (5) 19 Land mass (4)


The Book of Mormon

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14 - Friday 17th January 2020 - Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser

ARIES (March 21st to April 19th) Hold fast to what you value most this month, someone is trying to take it away. Their motives are of the ‘best’ of course, but that will be no comfort to you. Actually if you chance your arm and insist on your rights, you’ll find they soon give way. Like all paper tigers, they have very little innate substance. Look for the connection between opposition you are experiencing against a project and an old flame, it could be nasty. A relative may have difficulties with a certain business matter that may need your attention, you should give in graciously. TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th) A new life beckons and you should be ready. Try to organise so you can make all necessary preparations without neglecting anything. You have several social obligations, you also have one or two contractual ones, each should be dealt with in its turn. Don’t forget to deal with an argumentative colleague in like manner. If you allow anyone to brow-beat you, you’ll never retrieve your authority, which would be disastrous. Organise a get-together with family and friends and get the matter sorted! GEMINI (May 21st to June 21st) Someone with a none-too savoury past may begin to worry you. Your association was inadvertent and accidental and you would be totally justified in making a complete break. If you hesitate to do anything quite so drastic, try being frank. State your case, say where you stand, and insist your ways and methods are adopted or the ‘friendship’ will come to an end. This should solve the problem, though perhaps not in the way you imagine. A course of relaxation exercises would almost certainly help you release some of the pressures that have built up of late. CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd) This is the month you have determined to make your mark. If you push hard enough you’ll achieve your ambition handsomely. Don’t be weak-minded or faint-hearted though. At the first sign of weakness your rivals will charge in and try to take over, and you would absolutely hate all that. An elderly friend may hold the key to your ultimate success. You’ll not know however, until you ask and to do that, you’ll have to pay a visit. You could also learn a lot and gather some valuable advice on a problem that has been occupying your mind lately, but you will have to be very diplomatic. LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd) There is some information connected with your social life, you ought to have. Try asking outright first. If that doesn’t work, make more underground enquiries. Be as devious or as oblique as circumstances dictate. The important thing is to get what you’re after. Social activities as a result of all these undercurrents, will be somewhat curtailed. This may be a good thing because the ‘players on the stage’ could change completely. Concentrate on one of your hobbies because this will divert you sufficiently to take your mind off anything else that could upset the status quo. VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd) Open up your innermost feelings to a sympathetic old friend. You should be prepared to take advice however, or your friendly listener will quite rightly, lose patience. Try to make contact with someone you have neglected for a long time. There is news there you would love to hear. This would also be a good month to mend a certain fence. You know the rift hurts you more than anyone else, so why are you still being so stubborn? An inordinate amount of rubbish will be spoken when you ask an old colleague for advice, and you would be far better off, following your own instincts. LIBRA (September 23rd to October 23rd) You must try to relax more this month. You have undergone a lot of pressure recently

and the effect will be profound unless you take immediate and radical remedial action. If you are at all unsure of the way you should proceed with a small financial problem, call on the services of a professional adviser. You could learn a lot. You could even find you have been wasting a lot of money on unnecessary complications. A distant relative may make an unexpected return into your life. Beware, their motives for doing so will not be to your advantage, that’s for sure.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd) You must be very firm with your family this month. Take no opposition, brook no arguments, insist on your own way every time and follow your instincts at every point of decision. Any problems you do encounter should dissolve away once you have started on your merry way. Those that don’t will be easily solved as long as you don’t listen to the promptings of others. If you are involved in any sort of ‘politics’ it will be an exciting time but you will find you’ll have to revise your most ardently held benefits. But by and large this will be your month in all respects, so see you really enjoy it. SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st) You have been given hints of a forthcoming action in which you will be closely involved. In many ways you have manoeuvred yourself into this position and you can hardly show less than full enthusiasm now. If you do begin to think you shouldn’t be involved, you’ll have to move fast and be pretty convincing too. Your best way out would be a judicious health problem. This should surely not be too difficult for you to arrange. Late in the month you may have to turn your household upside down. You cannot continue to take the sort of behaviour that is being thrown at you. CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th)

Domestic issues loom large on your horizon which is a bore because you aren’t particularly interested in that aspect of your life. Delegation is the answer, that and not being too fussy about how such matters are attended to. One thing though, this month marks a special anniversary and you should be seen to acknowledge the fact. The person most closely involved should be the target of your very special attention. You cannot go on working and worrying at your current pace. Slow down and be selective in what matters you attend to. AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th) A good month for you if only because your partner’s reflected glory will bathe you in warm security. Don’t let it go to your head however, nor should you allow yourself to become complacent; you have a position to maintain whilst at the same time supplying the support your partner badly needs under these burgeoning pressures. Together you can achieve more than you know. Separately, you especially, will sink without trace. In order to retain your hold on extended family matters you must try to demonstrate a little more understanding, and remember they need encouragement. PISCES (February 20th to March 20th) You might hear talk of surrender. You may even learn your colleagues had no stomach for the fight from the very beginning. This will mean you have to reassess your own position before you get in too far to retreat comfortably. For what i’s worth, in these circumstances, a dignified retreat could be the very best move you make for a long time. At least it’ll leave the rest of the month free for you to sort your other pressing opportunities. Take some precautionary measures health-wise, you may just feel the odd twinge. To neglect this sign could put you out of action for a few days.

ACROSS: 1) Lucid, 4) Etching, 8) Cryptic, 9) Peace, 10) Opus, 11) Fraction, 13) Drip, 14) Stye, 16) Eighties, 17) Dish, 20) Ratio, 21) Insulin, 22) Well off, 23) Early. DOWN: 1) Luck of the draw, 2) Coypu, 3) Date, 4) Escort, 5) Capacity, 6) Imagine, 7) Green with envy, 12) Virtuoso, 13) Digital, 15) Belief, 18) Idler, 19) Isle.

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