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Need cataract treatment?

The doctor will see you now

A new way of providing hospital grade eye care to patients in the community is being pioneered in Bristol.

Newmedica has opened eye health clinics in Clifton and Weston super-Mare and is working with local opticians and GPs to off er ophthalmology services to private patients. Newmedica is one of the leading providers of NHS-funded eyecare services in England and registered with the Care Quality Commission. Our clinics cover outpatient consultations and diagnostic scans, cataract surgery, YAG laser capsulotomy, oculoplastics, treatment for glaucoma, peripheral iridotomy and retina excluding Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) services.

For patients who have cataracts aff ecting their vision, they no longer have to wait months for surgery. They can get treatment without delay from Newmedica Bristol. Appointments are off ered at the earliest opportunity with one of our local ophthalmologist consultants for both clinic and surgery.

About Newmedica

In another fi rst for eyecare, the Newmedica service in Bristol is led by three joint venture partners: consultant ophthalmologists Jeremy Diamond and Will Sheehan and operational director Julian Phillips. Mr Diamond and Mr Sheehan have over 30 years collective outpatient and surgical experience and Mr Phillips has an extensive healthcare career within senior management roles.

Newmedica provides services for NHS CCGs, NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, and other providers of NHS funded services. With a proven track record of working with the NHS, it delivers over 100,000 patient interactions annually in more than 20 services across England. Newmedica carries out safe and eff ective treatments, and makes sure that appointments are as quick, easy and fuss-free as possible.

Visit or call 0800 409 6794 for more information

Mr Julian Phillips stated: “We are delighted to off er patients in Bristol a high quality and accessible ophthalmology service, complemented by an exceptionally good value private off er for cataract surgery”.

“Furthermore, we are proud to be part of that choice and are investing in Bristol to make sure that everyone has ease of access to timely professional eye care treatment regardless where they reside. It is really important that you ask your optician or GP about the diff erent choices open to you”.

All about

What are cataracts? Cataracts are very common and usually develop as we age. They are caused by the formation of cloudy or misty patches in the clear lens inside the eye.

What are the symptoms?

At fi rst, you may not notice any symptoms. But usually over time, you will experience blurred or cloudy vision, or have patches where your vision is less clear.

Who needs cataract surgery?

When it becomes diffi cult to see and carry out your normal daily activities, it is time to consider cataract surgery. This involves removing the cloudy lens (cataract) and replacing it with a new, artifi cial clear lens. It’s an extremely common procedure nowadays with thousands of cataract replacements successfully carried out each year.

What are the benefi ts?

The most obvious is the improvement in your vision and, of course, your quality of life. Surgery is the only way to restore clarity, otherwise it is likely your vision will gradually get worse.

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