Application Note

CyBioWell vario – the first choice for uHTS MALDI sample preparation


84 and 1536 channel simultaneous pipettor adapting into any screening environment.

● Extremely flexible through enormous volume spectrum. ● Highest precision in the whole volume range. ● No cross contamination due to highly efficient washing station.

CyBioWell vario 1536 pipetting head with CeramicTip Magazine MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation for HTS employs a matrix-assay-matrix-sand- wich technique. This is achieved through precision in positioning of the CyBio Well vario pipetting robot. The robot uses a fixed pipetting head and a precise plate lifter thus the required positioning accura- cy for repeat spotting is guaranteed for the MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation in a 1536 well format.

Pipetting on MALDI-target plate 1536 ceramic tips and 100nL matrix spot- ted on to a metal MALDI target. Depending on the tip type, the CyBio Well vario 1536/8 l pipetting head has a work- ing range of 0.1 to 8µl and it thus perfectly fits to the requirements of HTS and uHTS applications in the 384 and 1536 microplate format.

FixedTip Magazines for CyBio Well vario 1536 pipetting head CyBio Fixed Tip Magazines with ceramic capillaries meet the demands of MALDI- TOF sample preparation. The working vol- ume of 0.1µl -1µl guarantees high precision in the drop delivery to the target plate. Washable tips significantly reduce assay costs.

MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation Bringing the analytical power of MALDI- TOF-MS to uHTS

Drug DiscoveryWorld Summer 2019

Precision of p-nitrophenol (dissolved in DMSO) transfer to a dry Greiner 1536 plate using 1µl ceramic tips.CV = coefficient of variation

●MALDI spotting of 1536 samples in <10 minutes. ● Parallel transfers of 96, 384 and 1536 samples with CyBio Well vario. ● No interferences thanks to intelligent washing routines. ● Highly homogenous target spots thanks to active sample drying. ● Highly precise spotting for reliable, automated analysis. ● Software for process planning, matrix injection, washing and drying.

Several hundred thousand samples in a single run Analytik Jena brings extensive automation and liquid handling experience to automated sample preparation for uHTS applications, supplying a walk away automation solution for MALDI-TOF-MS able to handle several hundred thousand samples in a single run.

An ultra-high-throughput automation solution With matrix-assisted laser desorption/ioni- sation time-of-flight MS (MALDI-TOF- MS) mass spectrometry is now available for high throughput screening (HTS) eg, in drug discovery. The Bruker Rapiflex

MALDI-TOF-MS is rapidly becoming the instrument of choice for HTS and ultra HTS (uHTS) in pharma, academia and the commercially-focused contract environ- ment. It is the fastest mass spectrometer on the market enabling collection of real-time data in high throughput high density when automated into a robotic sample prepara- tion system. Analytik Jena supplies all application demands for a reliable MALDI automation, from a simple workstation to a complex integration. The solution enables 1536 samples to be spotted on to a MALDI target plate in less than 10 min- utes, facilitating continuous sample reads in a screening environment.

Small assay volume and homogenous spot generation for MALDI The liquid handling demands for sample preparation in high-density are diverse. The robust and precise CyBio Well vario 1536 pipettor ensures sample integrity and result reproducibility in either 384- or 1536-well formats by spotting an entire target plate in a single transfer.

MALDI sample clean up enables the reduction of salt interferences On-target washing enhances detection capabilities of target molecules in complex assay buffers and thus accelerates assay development. The desalting function of on- target-washing significantly improves both the assay conditions and the measurement results. The CyBio Well vario Head 1536/8µl can complete on target-washing for 1536 samples in less than 60s.

Active Drying provides extremely homogenous spot shapes The ‘Active Dryer’ is an important element of the automation for MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation. By enabling controlled crystallisation conditions, the active dryer allows faster sample preparation and cre- ation of extremely homogeneous sample spots.

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