RESOURCES T CARDS helps Academy Trust to take control

T Cards could be an ideal solution. And with the Academy looking to expand Peter was keen to implement a system that could grow. Val Hartshorne, the Premises Operations Officer at the Academy was happy with the service: “First of all can I say how delighted I was with the promptness of service after we placed the order. We are delighted with the system so far although it’s still in its infancy. We have many jobs planned for July and August so should have a better picture of how successful they are when I check how the site officers are using them after the summer period.” Not only do T Cards bring substantial time and cost savings, they require virtually no training and only a slight change in working methods. Like any ‘process’ when information is managed in a clear and precise way rather than hidden in a diary or tucked away in a PC, the chances of co-ordinating information more efficiently will increase.

T Cards Direct systems are designed for easy adaptation to virtually any requirement for work flow monitoring and job allocation in most areas of business and commerce.


he visual simplicity of the T CARDS manual board system is often all that is required to streamline and assist in managing work. It is a proven management tool in helping communication across many areas. A recent example of where T Cards has been successful is at the Saffron Walden Academy, a multi-academy educational trust based in Essex. Maintenance Teams at the Academy needed a simple way to co-ordinate tasks throughout the year at their 4 schools. After Maintenance Manager Peter Mclean saw T Cards Direct at the Maintec exhibition he instantly knew 01732 871417


Recording telephone calls in Schools


t is vital for schools to keep an open, transparent and positive relationship with parents and improve efficiency and protection. By implementing and integrating call recording with the school phone system, governors and senior staff can have access when necessary to recordings of every inbound and outbound phone call.

This can help with everything from resolving disputes to tackling absenteeism as well providing protection against hoax or abusive telephone calls and assisting staff training and recruitment

The Storacall ST system is a proven call recording system which can record calls on virtually any telephone system and is reliable, flexible, scalable, cost- effective and available in Budget, Professional and Enterprise formats. Importantly for schools every call is recorded, encrypted and stored confidentially with password access only being available to the school leadership team that is authorised Our Schools solutions offer you: • Secure password protected calls

• Send copies of calls to staff or other authorities • Reliability and continuity

• Highest levels of system security and monitoring • Total recording across all communication platforms • Fast search and replay – every second counts!

• Peace of mind knowing this solution is proven in your market place

For further information visit or for a Guide to Call Recording or to discuss a possible application phone 01932 710710 today or email


For more information contact Storacall on 01242 570995, or visit: to download brochure

September 2017



toracall TeleAcoustics has just launched its new website showcasing a range of acoustic telephone hoods, kiosks, telephone cabinets, weatherproof telephones and tough internal telephones. The range of acoustic telephone hoods have been designed to enable you to answer and make phone calls including mobile phone calls in a safe, quieter and less stressful environment improving speech privacy and minimising misunderstandings, alternatively they can be fitted with information terminals, tablets or other instruments. The hood can also be fitted with pre-programmed phones to become a school contact point, emergency phone, or a pay phone to contact home.

The telephones and cabinets are suitable for internal or external locations providing protection for the enclosed telephone instrument against water, dirt, dust and other environmental hazards. The cabinets are suitable for Out of hours, Emergency, Security, Information and Help Line applications as well as situations where the use of mobile or radio telephones is inappropriate or banned.

Storacall TeleAcoustics are a supplier of specialist telecom products to the government, utilities, retail, financial, manufacturing and service sector in the UK and abroad.

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