FANTASMA GAMES Slots beyond gambling

Fredrik Johansson, CEO of Fantasma Games, says that developers must combine elements of video games with online slots if they are to engage the next generation of player.


oday, online casino players demand far more than the ability to spin and win when playing a slot game; they want to be engaged, entertained and fully immersed in a thrilling experience. While online slot developers have gone to great lengths to deliver this, from turning the volatility dial to max to creating smart features such as buy the bonus round, the code has yet to be cracked. This means the online gambling industry is falling behind the curve; mobile and video games continue to surge in popularity while  This is because online slot developers have looked to iterate their existing products rather than completely reinvent them for this new generation of player. To engage the millennial demographic, we believe that developers must look to these other options and pick apart the products being offered and what makes them such a big hit with consumers. This is something we have done at Fantasma Games and in particular have identified mobile and video games as having a compatible blueprint than can used to build a new type of online slot. Indeed, we believe that bringing the worlds of video games and online slots together, and combining this with gamification features, will deliver a unique and hugely popular entertainment experience.


Missions and tasks are the beating heart of video games and when combined with narratives that immerse players in a riveting story make for a compelling entertainment experience. As players work through the narrative they earn points, clear levels, unlock features and receive rewards and trophies. In comparison, traditional online slots do not offer this. Players simply bet and spin and that’s about it. Sure, they can unlock bonus rounds and hidden features, but this can take a long time, particularly if the game is highly volatile. Players, particularly younger demographics, want to be taken on a journey when playing a game, with the action and progression consistent but with the potential for surprises along the way. They also want to be able to play these games across a huge range of devices, from desktops to laptops via tablets and smartphones. To capture this demographic, slot developers need to create games that have interesting stories and relatable characters combined with missions, tasks and progression. Games must also be designed to be played on mobile from the get-go, in particular for smartphone and in portrait mode – this is key for one-handed, on the move play.


We have achieved this in Flower Fortunes which uses the Megaways mechanic, combined with our own unique reel matrix. On reaching the bonus game – a deal or no deal format mini-game – players then have to pick one of three flowers to unlock a prize. Again, this is taken from the video gaming world.

It is also important to remember that a reason why people play online slots is for the big win potential so this must not be forgotten. The matrix is also super smart and sees the reels expand from 6x5 to 6x9 as the player’s Flower Spirits meter rises and falls. It is particularly impressive on mobile and in portrait mode.

All told, players have 531,441 win lines and the possibility to win 18,480x their initial bet. This, we believe, brings together the best of video games with the big win potential of online slots. Players are increasingly demanding and discerning and it is no wonder given the sheer number of entertainment options available to them at the tap and swipe of a smartphone screen. But by combining video games and slots – and building games to be played on smartphone and in portrait mode – developers can provide a unique and hugely entertaining experience to consumers.

Slot developers need to create games that have interesting stories and relatable characters

combined with missions, tasks and progression

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