Classic slots and the art in simplicity

Lars Kollind, Business Development Manager at Playson, discusses the art in classic slots and why they are still proving popular with players in today’s marketplace.


or an industry that prides itself on rapidly developing technologies and innovation, the continuing love for classic-style slots by players the world over seems almost paradoxical. With myriad advancements in design and game mechanics, there’s an expectation that modern games must boast several ground-breaking features. However, scroll through the homepage of an online casino and the most prominent slots still have themes and formats that have been enjoyed by players worldwide for years.

in existence for over a century. The heritage that these machines have tends to trigger a certain nostalgia in many players. For some, it may have been the very first machine they remember playing. Much of the adoration these games evoke, and the perennial popularity they enjoy, has a solid foundation in psychology. When people find a topic with that much gaming history it becomes a recognisable commodity to which players are immediately drawn. The brain registers these games as easy to understand, with a familiarity and safe playability that will seem more attractive than another game with a less recognisable concept.

The strong demand for these games has seen our “Timeless Fruit Slots” series grow in popularity, and now our classics offering is evolving with the introduction of Red Chilli Wins – the debut title in our new fruit series of slots. Taking a combination of funky retro graphics, the arcade style slot is designed to sate the appetite of those looking for classic design combined with modern gameplay.

Games based on ancient civilisations and fantasy lands also dominate the casino landscape. For instance, leprechauns are commonly found in a slot game as their hidden pots of gold symbolise big prizes within a gameplay. For some, the use of characters may seem overused, but the reality is that these are themes that players are accustomed to and enjoy to this day.

When it comes to the theming of a game, it’s not so simple. Creating a narrative which captivates players and breathes the rarefied air of ‘stickiness’ which gambling software developers crave, is a complex artistic endeavour.

It’s important to separate the term ‘classic’ from the notion of something old-fashioned or outdated


First of all, it’s important to separate the term ‘classic’ from the notion of something old-fashioned or outdated. Those aforementioned technological attributes are all still present in the games we think of as classics today. Crisp visuals and fluid gameplay are just as likely to be found on a cherry and bells game as they are to be present on the latest licenced blockbuster. But on classic slots, rather than attempting to revolutionise the games themselves, these improvements in software and mechanics are used more as an aid to enhance gameplay as opposed to an attempt to reinvent the wheel. The classic fruit machine concept still forms an integral part of the product mix, despite having been

Take our Ancient Egyptian-themed slot, Solar Queen, which has proven to be our best-performing release of the year. The game’s ideal fusion of both nostalgic gameplay and modern mechanics has been a key driver in breaking all our in-house game launch records.

Simplicity is also key to the popularity of classic- themed games. Even those who lack any playing experience can usually pick up the basics pretty quickly – from the easy gameplay to the uncomplex visuals. In a certain sense it mirrors the art world. Many believe that modern art has to be functional or thought-provoking and complex, but there is a reason that people still flock to Van Gogh’s and Caravaggio’s when they arrive at a museum. In essence, they are beloved because they don’t feel the need challenge the viewer and there’s something inherently simple about beauty for beauty’s sake. And just like classic slot games, they are not going anywhere soon. After all, they are they’re called classics for a reason.

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