players. There is a big disconnect there. The operator does not need to be reminded about the players – he is interacting with them on a daily basis. But us providers are a little bit isolated. Endorphina’s approach is to close this gap, get more into the player experience, and understand what makes them tick and fall in love with the games.

GIO: What have been the most note-worthy changes you’ve witnessed in your time in the industry? JU: The amount of new companies that want to supply the market and create new operations. The whole industry has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. People are willing to take risks and generate new ideas, niches, and trends.

GIO: Can you give us a snapshot of where you are with your growth plans and what’s still to come? JU: We want to push towards more serious expansion in 2020. This means new jurisdictions, new releases, and of course new games. Especially the ones that step out of the standard slot game box and offer the players additional fun ways of exploring their thirst for excitement.

GIO: On a wider scale, what’s still left for Endorphina to accomplish?

JU: I believe that we did not even touch our potential yet. There is an incredible number of ideas, concepts and innovations hidden in the minds of our team. We have so much to share and to give to the industry. So far we just managed to stand up straight on our own two feet and build something relevant. That is only the beginning.

GIO: You’ve attended a large number of shows as of late; do they still represent a valid use of your time or has it become an activity you’re ‘trapped’ into attending?

JU: It may be a little bit of both. Our presence and our shows are in a sense expected of us. We have to come up with new ideas to entertain the

expo-goers. People want to feel good during the events and have a good time while doing business. The other  for negotiations with you. You are on your home turf every time you need to undergo a hard negotiation.

GIO: What do you suspect will be the next BIG change in the iGaming industry? JU: As an educated prediction from my side, we expect a collapse in a number of suppliers. The devaluation of products that have been developed by inexperienced external studios will cause operators to distrust games in general. The over-supply is driving prices down and compromising the products. If this collapse does not come, then a large number of mergers and acquisitions will occur. Also, the obvious jurisdictional segregation on the state level will rise the costs of everyone in the industry. On a positive note, the local licensing will allow for more local advertisement and lead to the general public acceptance of gambling. The industry is making steps towards being more responsible and transparent. The states will get more used to the income generated by the taxes and will tend to protect it.

GIO: What are you most excited about for 2020 and the future? JU: A lot of things. We have a big backlog catalogue of games that we are excited to release. We have a great promotion for 2020’s ICE. I’m also excited about all the new people that are going to be joining the Endorphina team. We expect a lot of good things and feel incredibly positive about the future of iGaming and our company.

We expect a lot of good things and feel incredibly positive about the future of iGaming and our company

Life is a game of chance for both the player and the supplier


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