So, there was no difference of opinions between you and the current Secretary, Lei Wai Nong, regarding strategy? P. M.C. - That was not the case. I can add that, during the past six months, we cooperated very well and I felt I had his trust. We discussed all my suggestions and he accepted most of them. He held a small party for my departure and actually said a few words that resonated with me. He said that the job is temporary, but the friendship is forever. It was very kind of him to say that.

You took over the position, four and a half years ago. After all this time, do you think it was enough time to get things done? P. M.C. - Well, in the very beginning, I accepted the challenge, by invitation of former Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong. I had been working for 17 years as a magistrate, so I was looking forward to something new. I also wanted to test my own capabilities. I think I was quite happy during these four and a half

years, although there were lots of tough challenges and exciting times. Sometimes, I felt the satisfaction of getting

the job done and sometimes, less so, but, in general, I am satisfied with what we accomplished during that time. As you know, the prosecution office has a lack of magistrates and I feel that it was time for me to go back to the magistrate’s life. It’s a simpler life. You work for Justice and you have fewer concerns. In the public administration world, you have to consider the public interest, which are, actually, a variety of interests. So, it’s very difficult to please everyone. That is the main difference between both jobs. In the magistracy world, I really don’t need to take into account the reaction of the public and of the media. In the public administration, the media’s reaction is a very real concern.

What were the main challenges that you faced during your tenure? P. M.C. - Actually, many different challenges. Because there were different interests involved. You have to care about the public’s opinion, because they might not understand what’s at stake. Also, drafting legislation, which was a great challenge. But also unexpected


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