Roxor completes re-brand of Premier Bathrooms to ‘nuie’

The arrival of the aspirational new ‘nuie’ bathroom brochure from Roxor - which showcases many new products - completes the transition of the Premier Bathroom Collection to the new brand ‘nuie’. ‘nuie’, which takes inspiration

from the concept of ‘renewal’ that we all experience when we come out of the bathroom, expresses how the previous ‘Premier Bathroom Collection’ brand has evolved to become an exciting portfolio of on-trend, quality-made products, from classic to contemporary, boasting an extremely competitive price point. Launching in January 2020, with a

new brand strapline, ‘Exclusively designed for everyone’, the new nuie consumer brochure has a fresh new lifestyle look and feel. With beautiful photography

throughout, the easy-to-

use brochure showcases the collection’s 2020 product launches, which includes the addition of a Gloss Grey Mist colour to its popular Parade furniture range, a vastly enlarged range of mirrors and heating products and other enhancements to WCs, bath screens, shower trays and shower tray leg sets.

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Bette launches its first circular built-in luxurious bath BettePond

Bathroom manufacturer, Bette, whose sustainable, recyclable bathroom products have a 30 year warranty, has launched the first built-in circular bath made of glazed titanium- steel.

The generously

proportioned 150cm diameter BettePond bath is made from durable glazed titanium- steel, which keeps its shine, is easy to clean and can be a more sustainable choice for the bathroom. The BettePond bath has a slender rim of only 8mm, and when inset into a surface creates a stylish pool or pond-like effect. Bette can also install a whirlpool system into the bath. Like the freestanding version (the BettePond Silhouette, launched

‘Top tips’ for a successful accessible toilet adaptation from Closomat

eliminated at the outset, using a new “quick guide”. ‘Adapting to an Accessible Toilet: Quick Guide


to Getting it Right’ has been produced and published by Closomat. It is intended to help all those involved in delivery of housing adaptations to ensure an expedient project, in which potential common problems in design, layout and use are addressed at the outset. “The bathroom is the room most frequently

adapted, and the toilet the fixture most frequently changed,” explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “Often, little things may not even be considered, which have a massive impact on the client’s ability to retain their independence. It may be something as basic as the toilet roll being within easy reach, the door impeding access for a walking frame or wheelchair, a hoist reaching the areas it needs to. “We hope that, by covering just ten points,

toilet adaptations can be delivered not just without delay, but without usability issues going forward, that result in time-consuming and costly remedials.”


any potential usage issues arising from an adaptation can be

Closomat is Britain’s leading provider of

accessible toilets, that enable people to deal with their intimate care as independently, hygienically, and with as much dignity, as possible. Its Palma Vita wash & dry toilet is the biggest-selling WC of its kind. It is also the only one manufactured in the UK, designed specifically for disabled people, and which can be accessorised to accommodate individual needs, initially, and as those needs change. Thus the company is uniquely positioned to understand the issues facing users on a daily basis, and to help those delivering adaptations to deal with those issues. Closomat is further unique in offering initial commissioning, and in-house service & maintenance, as part of its commitment to enable dignified and hygienic intimate care. It also offers full UK-based pre- and post-sales support, including site survey, design advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and service & maintenance.

earlier this year) the new built-in BettePond was designed by Dominik Tesseraux as a reminder of the original shape of the bathtub. With a generous diameter, the bath is the perfect place for luxurious relaxation. For more information call or visit

the website.

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