Bathroom Trends 2020 A

s we move into 2020, we look at the trends and the changes affecting the

bathroom industry this year to understand how the wider influences impact how we live our lives and how products adapt to suit changing needs. One growing consumer trend that benefits the

Comment by David Mosley Managing Director, Trojan Baths

planet, as well as our mental well-being, is ‘slow living’. As time becomes an ever-increasing commodity, services and technologies are coming to market that help us cope with the fast pace of life – and escape from the demands on our personal time. Research shows people are willing to invest in products that allow us the time and space we need to relax and break away from our busy routines. A new report by Vouchercodes demonstrates how 78% of millennials now take part in ‘JOMO’ (the Joy of Missing Out), choosing to spend time alone rather than go out socialising. According to Trend Monitor, ‘Ageless Design’

in the home will continue to be a big influence in 2020. This trend will grow in-line with the ageing

population and the increase in multi-generational living. Since 2012, the proportion of working-age adults with a disability has risen from 16% to 19%, and the proportion of all people with a disability is 22% - a figure that continues to grow. Whilst functionality is important, contemporary bathroom design remains a key consideration for consumers in order to ensure their bathrooms are functional for all the family’s needs, yet stylish and modern. From one-bedroom apartments, to five bed

houses, official figures show that the number of new homes built in England has hit its highest level in almost 30 years, with more than 240,000 properties added to the country’s housing stock in 2018-19. And finally, with sustainability and the UK economy on everyone’s mind in 2020, a lot of consumers are seeking out products with as few miles travelled and manufacturing components sourced as locally as possible – which is great news for British manufacturers, who look to keep things local!

A relaxing space from Trojan A

t Trojan, we have always understood that our baths provide a relaxing

space for you to lie back and unwind. Our collections help create a haven, whatever the size of the bathroom or personal style. And, for extra relaxation, our Aquair range of spa and whirlpool baths offer hydrotherapy – a proven therapeutic method of using water to relieve stress

and tension. We also understand consumers have different needs, as well as different budgets – so our collections are designed with this in mind; always offering a great price alongside our 45 years of experience and expertise. From our standard Trojan single ended acrylic

baths that can be found in the majority of homes throughout the UK, to our freestanding claw feet

baths that are a fantastic feature in any bathroom, to our premium Ramsden & Mosley range of solid surface baths – that come in a matt and gloss finish – to our latest brand addition to the family, Bathe Easy, there really is something for every body at Trojan. Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we are

proud of our Yorkshire roots and the fact that we have always fought to keep the manufacture of our baths in the UK. While our baths are deemed to be ‘one time use plastics’ as they cannot be recycled, sustainability has always been at the forefront of the business, even as far back as 1975, as we have always manufactured to such a high standard that we offer 25 year guarantees!

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