Giving back at the BKU Awards: VADO pledges support to event’s charity fundraiser

British brassware manufacturer VADO has once again thrown its weight behind the BKU Awards, returning as the sponsor of the charity fundraiser hosted at the scheme’s ceremony. We took a moment to chat with product & marketing director Angela Neve about the company’s own charitable efforts and achievements and VADO’s goals for the upcoming year.

What do you enjoy the most about operating in the KBB market? The KBB industry’s quest for innovation is what drives this sector forward. Technology is moulding our industry in many ways, creating variations in design, materials and manufacturing techniques and being part of its progression is what makes our job so rewarding.

What were the commercial highlights of 2019 and how do you plan to expand on this in 2020? Topping the list of commercial highlights for 2019 is the introduction of a new standalone traditional brand of bathroom and kitchen brassware. Part of the VADO family, the Booth & Co. brand honours the exact design details prevalent in Victorian brassware and will allow maximum opportunities for additional future collections. The launch of Individual by VADO also

introduced six contemporary finishes to the portfolio; brushed black, brushed gold, brushed nickel and bright gold for retail markets and brushed bronze and bright nickel for specifications. This provided an opportunity to strengthen our position in the specification market whilst presenting consumers with a revitalised brassware offering. The inaugural VADO Velo stands out as our

most memorable charity event this year after 38 members of the KBB industry embarked on a 240-mile ride through northern France to raise £75,000 for the African Children’s Fund. This fantastic achievement supported the ACF’s Kenyan Schools Programme to aid six schools around Thika, a small town near Nairobi, Kenya.

Going into the new year, we’re looking forward

seeing each of our new collections embed themselves within the market, progressing the development of product innovations and preparing for our 2020 launches. Working to ensure we retain our position at the forefront of brassware design, customers can expect to see a range of new bathroom solutions throughout 2020.

VADO has enjoyed a great level of success and has a number of BKU Awards to show for it. What would you say is the driving factor behind this? Despite the success we’ve enjoyed so far, VADO remains ambitious in all areas of the business. We invest heavily in product research and consumer insights to stay in tune with the lastest designs and trends. We continually strive to increase brand awareness and reinforce our industry-leading position with an emphasis on marketing, advertising and consumer targeted brochures. We actively aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through our outstanding customer service and a leading 15 year guarantee. Most importantly, we care and invest our team. The people at VADO are the company’s most vital asset and therefore significant investment has gone into training the company’s staff at all levels, from Hydrologics training to our comprehensive Management Training Scheme.

How do the BKU Awards – and what they stand for – align with VADO’s own values? At VADO, our reputation is founded upon decades of exceeding customer expectations and

striving to innovate. Our goal is to create products that enrich the bathroom experience and continue to grow our industry, ensuring each product is better than the last. The BKU Awards’ values lie very close to our

own. Ensuring that awards are determined by the people at the foundation of our industry guarantees a fair and accurate reflection of our current marketplace. They reward those who do strive to innovate, enrich product design and provide valuable customer service. Equally, this is an opportunity to celebrate

those who have gone above and beyond in maintaining their social responsibilities and helping others inside and out of the industry, whilst commending those who have stood as key performers for their company.

Why have you chosen to support the BKU Awards’ charity fundraiser specifically? VADO has always actively participated in fundraising for worthy causes. This year marked the introduction of the VADO Velo, a 240-mile ride through northern France which raised £75,000 for the African Children’s Fund. In 2018, the renowned VADO Rally raised over £101,000 for the Rainy Day Trust and Variety, which enabled in school in Barnstaple to purchase a brand new bus. These are just two high profile charitable

events that VADO have organised. Throughout each year, our employees commit to many other charitable causes, from sponsored haircuts to climbing Kilimangaro. For this reason, it only seems fitting for a company with our culture to choose the charity fundraiser.

VADO is a leading British brassware manufacturer providing high quality taps, showers and accessories to customers across the globe. VADO believe in channelling expertise and engineering know-how into innovative brassware technology to deliver

outstanding products that guarantee the very best of British design. As experts in the brassware industry, VADO take pride in heritage and history, ensuring only the finest materials are crafted into premium product ranges. Having built a renowned reputation for creating products that use water sustainably and deliver a truly sensory user experience, VADO’s unique product range can be found in some of the most prestigious hotel, commercial and residential developments across the world. Progressive product innovation, outstanding customer service and an agility to support large scale developments represents a globally trusted brand, so when you choose VADO superior quality comes as standard.


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