and distributor, Häfele, discusses upcoming trends for the year ahead and how the company is responding with product and service innovations. It’s expected that the kitchen market alone will

have experienced £50m growth in the past 12 months, according to predictions from MTW Research, with consumers choosing to improve, rather than move. As more homeowners opt to update where

they currently live, we’re seeing a rise in products that help them do more with the existing square footage. Increasingly, consumers want spaces that meet

Comment by Natalie Davenport Head of Marketing, Häfele

their changing and evolving needs. What’s more, the rise in multi-generational living also means rooms may have various uses over time. As a result, consumers are choosing designs and solutions that allow for flexibility and adaptability. For example, swapping hinged doors for sliding, pivot or pocket systems.

The ‘hinge’ effect Another factor we’ve seen driving the market is the ‘Mrs Hinch’ effect. As well as being responsible

How Häfele is responding I

n response to these trends in the coming months, we’ll be expanding

product lines to suit. AluSplash, an aluminium-based splashback, is one of these areas. Since its launch, AluSplash has become one of our fastest-growing lines so we’ll be introducing new colours in 2020. The success of AluSplash is testament to its ability to meet several needs of the market: simple, efficient installation for fitters; a lower price point versus glass and easier cleaning; and more hygienic finish compared to tiles. In 2020, we’ll also be updating our range of

innovative lift-up fittings. The Freespace range is extremely slim and unobtrusive, giving kitchen designers more options in their plans and helping to create a highly styled, sleek finish. Plus, for an extra wow factor, Freespace can also be installed with our Loox LED lighting system. Flap fittings are great for the consumer as an

alternative to hinged doors as they mean you can reach into cabinets from all angles. They’re also safer as there is no bumping into open doors. In the year ahead, we’ll be introducing new frontal weights with options between 300mm to 1000mm to give greater flexibility and meet the increasing demand for these solutions in the UK market. For further information, visit the website or

visit Hafele at kbb in March at stand S90. 0800 171 2909 


A more flexible approach N

atalie Davenport, head of marketing at furniture fittings manufacturer

for a surge in sales in cleaning products in 2019, the Instagrammer is also making waves in kitchen storage too. Larder style storage continue its surge in popularity, alongside trends that we’d traditionally see in homes in the continent. While the UK market has always favoured side-

hinged cupboards, homeowners are now realising how they can maximise space and height in their kitchen further with flap hinge fittings. As such, we’re further developing our range of ironmongery, including flap hinges and stays, as well as slick concealed hinge options.

The need for speed (and efficiency) Beyond consumer demand, the needs of our tradespeople are also driving new product development and launches in 2020. With trades under increasing pressure to work more efficiently – whether due to greater demand for their skills, a workforce shortage or a desire to improve their profitability – products that help them do more, quicker are needed. Manufacturers and distributors are also

exploring new product lines that allow trades to expand the services, further improving their profitability and diversifying their income streams, and this will continue in 2020.

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