February 2020

Opposite page, top: Sony’s 8K TV on display. Opposite page, bottom: The Wall from Samsung. Below: Hisense’s 2020 television range. Bottom: The UHD Alliance presents its Filmmaker Mode.


Filmmaker Mode, developed by the UHD Alliance, provides a higher profile Cinema preset that turns off image interpolation, image processing and pulls back brightness.

overly dark, because most viewers have the temerity to watch the telly with some lights on (which makes subtle shadow details difficult to discern, but snacks easier to find). Dolby Vision IQ solves that problem by automatically adjusting darker areas of the image, by utilising the light sensor built into most mid-range and higher TVs. In a room with ambient lighting, it lifts darker areas so shadows don’t become an incomprehensible black splodge. This will be a boon for shops displaying HDR sets.

Big brands unite

Similarly, Filmmaker Mode, developed by the UHD Alliance, provides a uniform setting to reflect that same creative intent. Effectively a higher profile Cinema preset, positioned strategically on a TV remote control, it turns off image interpolation,

image processing and pulls back brightness. Panasonic, LG, and newly announced at CES, Philips and Samsung, have all signed up to support the initiative, and at its CES press conference the UHD Alliance presented a sizzle reel of directing talent (Christopher Nolan, J.J. Abrams, Ryan Coogler and more) eager to endorse. Panasonic revealed it is offering both Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode on its 2020 flagship OLED, the HZ2000, along with a wrinkle uniquely its own. Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing cleverly mimics the approach used by Dolby Vision IQ by employing the set’s sensor to monitor room lighting conditions. Available in 65 and 55-inch sizes, the HZ2000 uses the same chassis as its predecessor, the GZ2000, and sports the same fully integrated Dolby Atmos sound system with rear-mounted Atmos up-firing speakers.

It also boasts a customised Professional Edition OLED panel, which uses heat management techniques to offer a 20 per cent improvement in peak and average brightness levels. Early demos of the set looked gorgeous.

Making waves

LG wowed visitors to its CES booth with a familiar (from IFA) OLED wave display. Comprising 200 55-inch LG OLED digital signage screens (128 of which were convex and concave and 72 flat), the installation towered six meters high and stretched 25 meters wide. It dazzled with colourful footage of the Aurora Borealis and ocean waves. Once through, visitors were greeted by The Fountain, a choreographed performance by its rollable OLED model, now bolstered by a new arrival which unfurls from a ceiling position. Spectacular


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