April 2020

“This pandemic will end – but what will your online business

look like when toilet rolls are back on the shelves?” Emma Louise Smith, Director of Moxie Business Marketing

Exploring online opportunities

Every crisis raises new opportunities and you have the option to bounce back even bigger and better if you can ride those seismic shifts better than your competitors. Put yourself in a position to exploit emerging technologies and shifts in consumer behaviour to give the online experience you offer a big shake-up. For example:

• People are increasingly using voice search technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Do you know if your business comes up in these results?

• Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, chatbots will become increasingly prevalent. • Augmented reality helps customers to visualise your products online. Ensure videos demonstrating your products/services/retail space are readily available online.

• Big data, AI and machine learning using the data you gather will give you greater insight into shopper behaviour and tastes, letting you target the individual better.

Larders and under-stair cupboards across the land must be bursting at the seams with tins of beans and toilet rolls by now. But since we got over the initial burst of “prepping” for the coronavirus lockdown, people are focusing their shopping on fresh food – which is a ray of sunshine for online electrical retailers amongst the general gloom for the retail sector as a whole.

Online electrical retailers are reporting record sales figures with some of my clients’ sites receiving over a 300 per cent increase in online traffic in March to date, equating to nearly 15,000 visits in just a few weeks. Now is a massive opportunity to stand out and expand your presence online. That’s why, more than ever, it’s so important that we live up to our online promises – but also ensure messaging is clear and concise on every form of marketing channel.

Time-saving tips

The three pillars of success for any online e-commerce business are marketing, your website and your order fulfilment. From our own experience, the most common time-consuming tasks centre around order fulfilment, data processing and handling incoming calls. With order fulfilment, you need robust processes in place which don’t just address your existing customers’ needs but can also win over new customers. Always remember that the next person to see your product, or the person delivering/installing it, will be your customer. So what tools does your SAP system offer with regards order fulfilment? Or what system can you integrate seamlessly with it? What can you automate? As for data processing and handling incoming calls, using a good CRM software package can help you manage your customers and respond to their questions efficiently. Plus you can also use your CRM software to reward your customers!

Of course, if you’re too busy for this you can always outsource your marketing automations and CRM management to an outside specialist.

In the meantime, while you may be at home, here are my top tips for what you could be doing:

1. Re-marketing campaigns: You have the ability to chase customers that have visited your products around the internet with customised ads.

2. Streamline your checkout process: How many clicks to buy? Postcode fillers. Click to deliver to same address as billing. Guest checkouts. PayPal and card options.

3. Get creative and think outside the box: How do you support your local community? What is your business’s CSR policy and/or sustainability policy?

4. Implement Instagram shopping! If you’re already sharing video and branded content – why aren’t you adding shopping channels to Instagram?

5. Word of mouth campaigns: Good old “refer-a-friend” or offer to recycle old goods as part of your sustainability policy.

• Even quicker and easier ways to pay will be thought up.


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