April 2020

23 The XH80 TV from Sony Better pixels

At CES this year the headline in TVs was ‘better pixels and not more pixels’. This shift in focus is demonstrated by a few of the brands we spoke to for this feature, including Panasonic, which recently announced three new OLED TV series and three new core 4K LCD TV series for 2020. The new OLED TVs – the HZ2000, HZ1500 and HZ1000 – all support both Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode with Panasonic’s original ‘Intelligent Sensing’ to expand enjoyment of Hollywood-level HDR picture performance to both dark and well-lit living rooms. Furthermore, recognising that it’s not just picture performance that delivers the perfect “Hollywood to your Home” experience, Panasonic revealed that both the HZ2000 and HZ1500 series OLED TVs will feature built-in upward-firing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos for the most immersive audio. All OLED models share the same fine tuning by leading Hollywood colourist, Stefan Sonnenfeld, and are planned to UHD Premium certified. Motion performance has also been improved on OLED TVs thanks to an advanced implementation of black frame insertion.

Panasonic also announced three new 4K LCD series: the HX940, HX900 and HX800, which will continue the brand’s pioneering support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+, the advantages of which are often most visible on core-range LCD TVs as the dynamic metadata HDR formats allows less bright TVs to avoid unnecessary tone-mapping of scenes which are within the native brightness of the panel. All of these OLED and 4K LCD TVs also support Dolby Atmos out of the box. Similarly, at CES, Sony introduced a line-up of new BRAVIA models, including new LCD and

Mitchell & Brown’s 2020 Smart TV range

OLED options that “encapsulate the very best of Sony’s proprietary technologies to deliver the creators intent on screen through industry leading picture quality, innovative sound and a seamless user experience”.

Screen technology 8K and larger screen sizes, as well as innovative new screen technologies, were showcased at the Las Vegas event and Caroline Hope, Consumer Commercial Director at distributor Exertis, listed a rollable TV from LG, and an 8K OLED from Samsung among her stand-out products at the show.

LG’s 4K Ultra HD, 65-inch OLED rollable screen can roll down and disappear into its cabinet. A simple click on the remote brings the TV back to full size. In addition, it can be viewed in ‘line view’ where a quarter of the screen is visible allowing it to display a clock, the weather, photos or moving ambient designs. Even when the display is all the way closed, the soundbar built into the base can be used as a speaker. It can also be commanded by voice with its built-in Amazon Alexa assistant.

Hisense’s laser TV

“Samsung showcased its Q950TS 8K QLED TV with its virtually bezel-less design,” adds Ms Hope. “Whilst its picture quality is said to be remarkable, the fact that it has a decent sound system from a model that hardly has a bezel is pretty impressive. “In addition, it showed off a rather strange concept of a TV that can rotate into a portrait mode. The Samsung Sero 4K 43-inch TV is targeted at those high-earning millennials that want a better way to watch videos than on their smartphone. It can automatically change its orientation to match videos when paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone.”

Meanwhile, Mitchell & Brown is set to launch its range for 2020 which focusses on picture quality, improved sound and an overall more aesthetically pleasing design to blend in with modern home décor trends. “With our new range, we wanted to address the features consumers are mostly looking for, so many of our models come with smart apps and upgraded technology inside the TVs to make them lighter and thinner,” Director, Dan Brown, explains. “We’ve also added an additional three models to our 4K range to meet the demand of the modern consumer. “We’re really excited about launching these models, as it addresses a lot of the technologies consumers are looking for, including an ultra-thin bezel, smart capabilities, superior picture quality, and our industry-leading seven-year warranty – the best TV warranty available on the market. “We have also made improvements across our other ranges as we pride ourselves on having a range of TVs to suit everyone, including Freeview HD, Freeview Play, built-in DVD players and a design to comfortably blend into any home.

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