professional tradesmen and women. Stay dry, warm and comfortable by choosing from a selection of

Snickers Workwear – Waterproof Working Y

ou can count on comfort and protection throughout the autumn and winter with Snickers Workwear’s NEW AllroundWork Jackets for

water-repellent jackets that will give you basic protection from the effects of light showers with great breathability to ventilate your body if you continue to be active on site for short periods. But if you need 100% protection from the rain for long periods on site,

check out Snickers’ GORE-TEX® jackets and trousers. These highly technical garments are extremely durable with a membrane that has over 1.4 billion pores per square cm. They’re 100% waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm, and breathable to keep you comfortable all day long.

(Industrial Internet of Things) for seamless connection of multiple and various devices and sub-systems. Using the standard IEC 61131 CODESYS the XAP supports

XAP Controller and Gateway C

Extending the building automation platform

arlo Gavazzi have launched the XAP 1.0, the latest compact controller and gateway with embedded IIOT

network stacks and local I/O expandability and provides easy programming while the configurable web interface makes it an outstanding web HMI, and has easily programable graphic pages, functions and protocols. The two ethernet ports offer network segregation for WAN/LAN. The XAP is simple to connect to other devices as it

offers multiple standards such as CODESYS, OPC, UA, KNX IP and BACnet as well as data distribution via MQTT; whilst the Linux-based operating system is designed to be resistant to surveillance and interference whilst the HTTPS provides secure web server access.

Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd  01276 854110 

Hultafors Group UK Ltd  01484 854788 

Snickers Workwear’s NEW Hoodies and Sweatshirts T

he new range of Hoodies and Sweatshirts for craftsmen and women are probably the most comfortable we’ve ever designed. The ‘Full Zip’ or ‘Overhead’ Sweatshirt and Hoodie choices are ideally

combined with Snickers’ First and Second Layer Undergarments and can comfortably be worn under a jacket on chilly days. Street-smart and great for on-site or leisure activities there’s a range of

styles and colour options to choose from. They’re made from a cosy, durable polycotton fabric for extra ruggedness

and have a soft-brushed finish on the inside for extra comfort plus handwarmer pockets at the front. They also feature an unmistakable Snickers logo and are ideal for

company profiling.

Hultafors Group UK Ltd  01484 854788 

in the new eHandle ConnectHome from the German door and window handle manufacturer HOPPE using energy harvesting technology from ZF. The new window handle expands the product range at HOPPE as an

HOPPE’s eHandle ConnectHome S

Incorporates ZF’s Energy Harvesting Technology for Smart Home Window Systems

mart home devices have many benefits other than just making life more comfortable. Security and energy efficiency are valuable qualities found

entry-level model to detect whether a window is open or closed. With ZF’s energy harvesting generator, the new RF window handle from HOPPE needs no batteries and is therefore easy to retrofit. By the rotational movement to open or close the window, the handle generates enough energy to send an RF signal. The position of the window handle will then be transmitted wirelessly to a central control unit which can be programmed, for example, to automatically regulate the heating to turn down if the windows are open.

ZF Services UK Ltd  01582 814006 

Flexenergy’s fusion jointed pipe work ideal for Ibroxholm Oval Development


he thermal efficiency of a district heating scheme in Glasgow is being optimised thanks to the use of pre-insulated polybutylene pipe from Flexenergy. The pipe technology was selected to minimise the thermal losses of heated water

being transported to a new housing development at the Ibroxholm Oval and because the material meant key elements of the network could be prefabricated offsite. Flexenergy supplied 500 metres of polybutylene pipe for the project, which

comprises 65 apartments available for rent, with elbows and T-pieces prefabricated at the company’s Scotland base using electrofusion jointing to reduce the network installation time onsite. Bespoke building entry risers were also supplied, along with V-Flex valves which allow sections of the network to be isolated for maintenance. The valve system can also facilitate extension of the district heating scheme in the future, if needed.

Flexenergy  

Long range wireless solutions for energy monitoring

monitoring. The UWP-A and UWP-M reduces installation costs and avoids expensive cabling significantly for many energy efficiency monitoring projects and provides a solution for applications where a traditional cabled network is unsuitable. The UWP-A is an endpoint adapter which provides long


range (up to 10 km) communication to Carlo Gavazzi energy meters and power analyzers for easy integration into standard LoRaWAN® gateways (private networks) and LoRaWAN® public networks (smart cities). Whilst the UWP-M master module, makes it easy to

create a wireless network of UWP-A based endpoints and integrates into the Carlo Gavazzi’s UWP monitoring gateway and controller. Using EU868 MHz band, a license and cost-free frequency, the UWP-A enables easy and fast configuration, making it easy for installers to set-up a secure and reliable wireless network of meters.

Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd  01276 854110 


ontrols and Automation specialist, Carlo Gavazzi have launched their long-range wireless solution for energy

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