Driving down energy bills

South Ayrshire Council and the Energy Agency are working to improve the energy efficiency of housing across the county


TOUGH SOLUTION Pilkington has launched a new toughenable dual coated glass, with self-cleaning, solar control and thermal insulation properties to meet strong demand for multi-functional glazing solutions


he latest project will see 194 homes in the Newton Green area of Ayr

benefit from external wall insulation, saving each property an average of £200 a year on heating bills. The properties are a mix of private,

council and social housing. Funding of approximately £1.2m from

the council, Scottish government, and a contribution from Ayrshire Housing means the Newton Green insulation scheme is free to the vast majority of households. Councillor Philip Saxton, housing and

community wellbeing portfolio holder for South Ayrshire Council says, “We are determined to tackle fuel poverty and to date we have turned over 2,000 properties into warm, dry and energy efficient homes. Together with the Scottish Government, we have invested more than £15m in these energy efficiency schemes. “The properties at Newton Green are

only a short distance from the sea, and over the years the buildings have suffered from the coastal weather. This work will completely transform the external walls, eliminating any drafts and leading to far more comfortable accommodation.” The project at Newton involves

encasing the buildings with insulation board which is then covered with a weather resistant render. The works will also address any structural issues such as cavity wall ties which have become corroded. The work at Newton Green is set to finish this December.

South Ayrshire Council


ilkington Activ Suncool Pro T introduces a new toughenable

solution that can provide additional safety and mechanical strength performance to the glass. The new product helps glazing to stay

clean while transmitting less of the sun’s energy into buildings, ensuring a more comfortable environment all year round. It is a high performance solution particularly well-suited to atriums, facades and glass roofs in commercial buildings – areas that can be difficult to reach for cleaning and can contribute to overheating. It is also a low-emissivity product with a Ug value of just 1.0W/m2K. Two levels of solar control

performance will be available at 61/34 and 45/27. The former, for example, allows 61 per cent light transmittance and only 34 per cent of the sun’s energy, which can help to reduce the need for air conditioning and consequently operating costs. The glass will be manufactured in thicknesses of 6mm and 8mm, in jumbo sizes of

5,100mm and 6,000mm to cater for domestic customers and the growing export market. Its self-cleaning element uses a dual

action microscopic coating. Leo Pyrah, product manager at

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, says: “Specifiers are demanding glazing with greater functionality to help their projects achieve a number of goals – from environmental sustainability and occupant wellbeing, to technical performance and cost reduction. “As Pilkington Activ Suncool T delivers

three important functions in one single pane, the second pane of an IGU is free for fabricators to incorporate additional functionality – such as sound control, for example – allowing them to create a tailored, high performance and multi- functional solution for bespoke projects. “Ultimately, though, the launch of this

new product will help building design professionals create a built environment fit for the future.”

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