BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FEATURE One of the UK’s smartest buildings

One of the most intelligent, comfortable and energy-efficient commercial buildings in the UK, Ingenuity House, is the West Midlands’ hub for multinational support and equipment services and construction group, Interserve. Schneider Electric was awarded the £1m contract, which was completed in December 2017, reports David Williams, the company’s head of strategic marketing

for Ingenuity House. Integrating with the building’s sensors, the app helps staff to use office space more effectively, allowing them to book and check in and out of meeting rooms as well as keep track of the latest travel information. Through its role as a consultative

technology partner, Schneider Electric has helped Interserve enhance the connectivity and efficiency of its new regional headquarters. Its support and end-to-end solutions have made Ingenuity House future-ready and will reduce energy costs, improve occupant comfort, increase security and provide safe, reliable and efficient energy. Through more accurate 24/7 data


hrough Ingenuity House, Interserve sought to centralise its UK operations

and establish a new way of working for the company. Prior to construction, Interserve’s 1,600 West Midlands employees were siloed between four different offices across the region. The four-floor, 12,000sqm building was designed to consolidate Interserve’s workforce and combine its four offices into one. Through the creation of a sustainable, healthy and inspiring working environment it would optimise operations through greater staff comfort and efficiency. By design, Ingenuity House was built

with building information modelling (BIM) and digital construction methods at every stage of the process. This helped it win the 2017 Celebrating Construction award for digital construction project/initiative of the year. Yet, to achieve its goal of a truly intelligent and efficient building, Interserve realised it would need an experienced technology partner able to integrate a host of proprietary and third-party systems. With technology advancing so quickly,

it was imperative that the right, future-proofed infrastructure was installed, which could be updated as needed. Therefore, EcoStruxure for Buildings and connected architecture for the project was selected. It installed solutions intended to enhance building control, electrical distribution, power monitoring and workplace efficiency.

This included solutions across its three core technology layers – connected products, Edge control, and apps, analytics and services. At the base connected products level,

Schneider Electric embedded a wide range of IoT-connected devices – such as smart sensors, automation servers and displays. Prisma smart LV and Acti9 Isobar PTM electrical distribution panels were fitted with Masterpact MTZ air circuit breakers, providing comprehensive data on power usage and management throughout Ingenuity House. PowerLogic Energy Meters were also installed, delivering highly accurate and granular meter readings at minimal installation cost. The company also provided numerous

software packages, designed to automate and optimise key building systems and integrate with existing third-party applications. This included lighting controls, fire, security and CCTV systems. Its EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert organises data collected from the facility’s connected devices to help stakeholders make informed energy and cost-saving decisions. Within the third and final layer,

Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics package allows room temperatures to be controlled and maintenance automatically scheduled to fix parts that are wasteful, costly or not working efficiently. The company also collaborated with Interserve on the design of an employee smart mobile app


collection, Ingenuity House’s facility management team will have the insight they need to make better decisions in all aspects of building operation. Avoidable costs have also been identified that could save three million kilowatt hours of energy and £330,000 over a typical 25-year building lifecycle. If these savings are found even once a month then Interserve could be set to return direct savings of £160,000, or 1.44m kwh of energy, a year. The project is also making a noticeable

impact on employee innovation and productivity. Due to better space utilisation and an effective hot desking environment, Interserve’s various departments are now collaborating and sharing ideas more freely. Since February 2018, the company has also been able to relocate 200 employees thanks to greater space efficiency and a more appealing environment.

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