£35K since replacing its dated boiler plant with high-efficiency Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro condensing boilers. Data from the Council


outh Ayrshire Council has reduced annual gas

costs at its County Buildings headquarters in Ayr by

reveals a fall in gas consumption of 1.2GW when comparing its usage in 2015/2016 with 2017/2018 and taking into account degree days. This equates to carbon

emissions reduction of around 217 tonnes per annum. The historic County

Buildings, a Category B (Grade II) listed building, has served as the Council’s headquarters since the beginning of the 20th century. When the building's 25-year-old cast iron sectional boilers came to the end of their

operational life, the decision was taken to replace them with three Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro boilers to improve heating efficiency. Ease of maintenance

combined with the quality of training and service support provided were additional influencing factors leading to the specification.

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Work to improve West Yorkshire’s air quality by encouraging the use of electric vehicles, through the installation of at least 88 new, free rapid charging points is set to go underway in 2019. After securing almost £2

million from the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for the work, West Yorkshire Combined Authority has appointed energy and services company ENGIE to install and operate the new charging points. Each charging point will have

two charging bays. One will be specifically for taxis and private hire vehicles and the other will be for all other users. Typically, the

charging points will provide a full charge to an electric vehicle in around 20 to 30 minutes and will be free to use until October 2021. The Combined Authority and its district partners, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield councils are providing £1.2m of match funding. ENGIE will install, own and operate the charge points for at least 10 years. Work will soon go underway to identify suitable and convenient charge point locations. ENGIE has provided over

60,000 charge points worldwide and designs, installs, operates and maintains its charge points.

Carbon Numbers has launched a new service that enables energy managers to get more control and visibility over their building energy management system by linking it to its new cloud platform. Through remote monitoring, Carbon Numbers uses technologies and data driven strategies to provide real-time insights to improve working conditions, cut costs and reduce carbon. Using real-time data has the added benefits of reducing site visits and maintenance costs, as well as being able to proactively identify issues and make instant adjustments.

North East pump distributor and manufacturer – Tomlinson Hall – has successfully delivered a series of pumps to a major global food manufacturer. Based in Billingham, the business has supplied 13 pumps that have since been installed in the food manufacturers latest state of the art facilities located in Teesside. Supplying a range of ITT Gould Pumps in different sizes, these have been located in various parts of the plant. They will be used for recirculating water in the plant and pumping food produce.

Erda Energy estimates that its technology is now saving around 6,700 tCO2 every year, equivalent to taking over 5,000 new cars off the UK’s roads annually. As the company passes its 28,000th cumulative tonne of carbon saved, it calls for a broader programme of electrification to decarbonise Britain’s heat.


According to latest governmental figures, the UK generation of commercial and industrial waste was 33.1 million tonnes in 2016. Surrey-based signage experts

Stocksigns has created a range of Enviro Signs which are ideal for businesses and conscientious contractors. The collection of boards and hoarding displays have been made available for temporary indoor and outdoor signage as a greener alternative to plastic, foam board and composite material. As part of Stocksigns’ push to encourage businesses to stay green, the Enviro Sign range has been produced by approved materials from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international non-governmental organisation which promotes


responsible management for the world’s forests. The organisation has certified the Recyclable Display Board as 100% fibre based, compostable and fully recyclable. The Recyclable Display Board

produced by Stocksigns is aimed at businesses who ideally are looking to have the flexibility of displaying the board temporarily indoors or outdoors. Used mainly as stand along signs, these are ideal for smaller temporary signage required for up to six months outside, with a longer lifespan indoors. Due to being recyclable and compostable, these are ideal for events and shorter construction projects. The Non-PVC Bubble Board is environmentally friendly due to being 100% recyclable, which allows a hard-

wearing temporary signage alternative to traditional plastic and foam boards. Compared alongside the Recyclable Display Board, the Non- PYC Bubble Board has a guaranteed 36-month lifespan when displayed outdoors, making it ideal for construction sites. Managing Director of Stocksigns, Danny Adamson said: “Wasting of fossil fuels and materials has been a subject of many a conversation over the last few years, so we felt that producing the Enviro Sign range was a perfect incentive for those to contribute in making a difference. By utilising our new range of signage, the Enviro Signs allow you to create an innovative and professional look to communicate your safety and sales messages, while attracting potential

customers and the general public. We have priced the Enviro Signs at

the same price as signs produced on standard 1mm plastic, showing that going greener doesn’t affect your bank balance. At Stocksigns, we strive to help the planet.” Stocksigns has the flexibility to

produce the Enviro Signage range on a maximum standard panel size of 1220mm x 2440mm, allowing both products to be used to create individual signs or large-scale hoarding panels. Utilising these panels can help companies who are looking to improve their green credentials and use this as a unique selling point to improve not only their trading prospects, but environmental reputation.


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