Energy storage: Turning properties into mini power stations

Dudley Moor-Radford, MD at Moixa presents the company’s new smart battery, enabling property owners across the UK to store cheap energy

to 60% while also doing their bit for the environment by using zero-carbon energy around the clock. Moixa Smart Batteries are also

geared up to cope with the energy demands of the future. Moixa’s GridShare uses AI to manage EV batteries to charge them in the most cost-effective way. To do this it employs a number of clever tricks, including:  Learning drivers’ patterns of use, making sure cars are charged and ready when needed

 Charging cars from stored solar energy at peak periods when grid power is expensive


s the transition to a smart, low- carbon energy system accelerates,

innovative technologies that catalyse the adoption of renewables, balance the grid and cut the costs of energy, are needed more than ever. For a long time, battery energy storage

has been lauded as the solution and Moixa, a UK based smart battery company, has developed home batteries, enabling property owners across the UK to store cheap energy, ultimately saving £100s off energy bills. Last month, the company broadened its

range further with its latest innovation – a new family-sized 4.8kWh smart home battery, capable of storing significantly more solar and off-peak power than its 2kWh and 3kWh siblings. The new battery is aimed at larger properties that use more energy than the typical home. Moixa plans to use it to help turn properties into mini power stations, using its GridShare platform to manage solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles to minimise energy bills.

STORING ENERGY TO CUT BILLS As energy companies increasingly promote time-of-use tariffs, which reward customers for using electricity when demand is low, the value of energy storage has never been more evident. It allows customers to store this cheaper, off-peak energy and use it at their


leisure – in turn reducing bills. The new battery takes full advantage of

this by not only storing more than its smaller equivalents but also by utilising its larger output of 850W – well above the peak demand of an average home. This means most appliances can be powered by the battery without being supplemented by potentially expensive energy from the grid. As attractive as the initial energy savings sound, the real magic happens when the battery is coupled with solar panels or electric vehicles (EVs). When you add solar panels into the

equation, the battery allows customers to store the free solar energy generated in the day and use it when the sun isn’t shining. The bottom line for customers is that they’re able slash energy bills by up

Figure 1:

Most appliances can be powered by Moixa Smart Batteries without being supplemented by potentially expensive energy from the grid

 Taking advantage of new EV tariffs, minimising costs by charging from the grid when power is cheap

 Predicting the next day’s solar generation from weather forecast

SUPPORT THE GIRD, EARN MONEY Moixa has also taken part in

pioneering trials across the world to show how its GridShare product which, via AI technology, can enable battery users to sell spare smart home or EV battery capacity to the grid –

essentially turning the home into a mini power station.

GridShare enables Moixa to trade spare electricity with the grid. Its customers have an option to join GridShare membership and earn £50 for the first three years, after which they will be offered a profit share option on any future incomes g

New Moixa Smart Battery Capacity – 4.8kWh Output – 850W Energy savings – up to 60% Price – from £3,950 (incl. VAT & installation) Price for battery + solar – average £8,500

b p


generated from battery to grid services. What’s more, the smart home battery’s AI technology can tailor performance to save the owner the maximum amount of money. It does this by learning behaviour patterns and how much energy the property will use, taking weekends and holidays iinto account. It even uses weather forecasts to calculate how much

f energy your solar panels will generate. Moixa

M w T T: 020 7734 1511


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