Logicool celebrates 10th Anniversary with Panasonic Go-Karting Challenge

P Stay Close and Cosy to

Nature with Panasonic & the Dome Experience


he team at Panasonic have been working in collaboration with architects, engineers and local crafts

people to create an unfiltered, unique and comfortable luxury living experience in bubble style Domes to bring a 180-degree transparent window to the world of nature. Each Dome is kitted out with Panasonic Aquarea Fan

Coils which are connected to air to water Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc heat pumps for quick reaction heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water. Panasonic additionally supply DX ERV units to maintain a constant air flow rate. Furthermore, each Dome can be monitored via the Panasonic Aquarea Smart Cloud technology to maintain the optimal environment for each guest. The Domes are proving popular, with seven initially

installed at the Finn Lough Resort in Northern Ireland which has recently increased to 14 Domes due to the high demand.

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anasonic distributor, Logicool, recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a Go-Karting event in Tamworth. Customers and representatives from Panasonic joined

the Logicool team at Daytona Racing in Tamworth to commemorate this important milestone. With 30 participants racing was very competitive, with lap times increasing as confidence grew and fun being enjoyed over the one-hour endurance race. It was a fun way to celebrate 10 years in business as

Paul Hetherington, MD of Intermech Ltd commented “Karl and the team at Logicool have an in-depth understanding of the industry, coupled with their consistent reliability, has kept us coming back as a repeat customer over the ten-year business relationship. Furthermore, all the team at Logicool are a real pleasure to do business with.”

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Applications for plate heat exchangers on the rise T

he planet’s gradually diminishing fossil fuel reserves and environmental pressures are making technologies, such as solar thermal, ground or water

source heat pumps and harvesting waste heat, worthy of consideration for many new residential and mixed-use developments. High performance plate heat exchangers are ideally suited for different applications within such schemes. One of the most stable sources of renewable energy is open water, including

rivers, estuaries and lakes, though harvesting it is complicated both practically and from the aspect of protecting aquatic life. For a recent project drawing water from the Thames near Waterloo, however, a

Stokvis bare plate heat exchanger was installed to transfer heat from the river water to water source heat pumps. The unit operates at 99% efficiency while protecting the WSHP’s components contamination and corrosion. Where salt water is involved, stainless steel plates can be swapped for titanium.

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Guide Aims to help Plant Managers Enhance their Knowledge of Steam This is true for all plant managers whether

• Plant managers would benefit from developing a basic understanding of the properties of steam

• The Fundamentals of Steam Quick Start Guide identifies several core elements to help develop knowledge within key areas

• The Guide provides five key tests that plant managers should consider carrying out

steam’ is advantageous to helping you achieve improved safety and efficiency for your plant.


s plant managers with so many variables to consider in the planning, management and upgrade of steam boilers, having a solid grounding in the ‘fundamentals of

you are ensuring plant safety and efficiency, completely overhauling and planning a new steam system or even identifying, implementing steam and thermal energy efficiency improvements.

Authored by Chris Coleman, Boilerhouse

National Specialist at Spirax Sarco, the Fundamentals of Steam Quick Start Guide aims to offer a helping hand to plant managers to re-acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of steam and identify areas of improvement.

The Guide identifies key areas when working

with the wet side of the boiler, including: how boilers produce steam, the types of boiler used and the condensate loop.

Additionally, the guide highlights five key

tests that plant managers should consider carrying out.

Chris Coleman “By re-acquainting yourself with the fundamentals of steam, you as a plant manager

can build the requisite knowledge you need to identify areas of improvement within your plant and to boost your efficiency”, says Chris.

Chris concludes: “It is my hope that this guide will serve as a useful reference tool for

plant managers, particularly when it comes to that all-important plant upgrade. “We could all benefit from a reminder on the fundamentals of steam from time to

time. If the advice in this guide is followed, plant managers will find that they’ll be a smooth operator in no time”.

Download your Fundamentals of Steam Quick Start today:

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