3M Gas & Flame Detection’s popular PS200 multi-gas detector is about to come with a bundle of user experience upgrades and feature enhancements as standard


he PS200, from 3M Gas & Flame Detection, is a popular multi-gas detector which combines

quality, ruggedness and advanced technology in a portable gas monitor, and it is about to come with some impressive feature enhancements: “This summer we are excited to announce that

the PS200 instrument will come, as standard, with a bundle of user experience upgrades and feature enhancements,” says Nick Wood, global product marketing manager at 3M Gas & Flame Detection. “These enhancements are designed to

increase the product’s performance, improve ease-of-use, and enrich the overall user experience for customers using the PS200 to support their safety when conducting day-to- day jobs,” Wood comments. One such improvement is as a powerful new

datalogging capacity that will enable customers to capture all relevant calibration data within a six-month period. This increased capacity makes it easier for customers to log data over a longer time period and supports the effective demonstration of compliance in line with audits and internal procedures. Another helpful addition is a new ‘quick-

press’ field calibration mode which will save users time by simplifying the field calibration process. Customers will also be able to visualise short-term exposure limit (STEL) and long- term exposure limit (LTEL) readings on-screen and log these in 3M’s software package to improve compliance monitoring. Furthermore, the PS200 can now be ordered

with a bundle of user experience upgrades, such as the new ‘quick information press’ which enables customers to quickly check the status of their instrument when it is switched off. Customers will be able to see the sensors installed, calibration due timeline, whether their instrument has an internal pump or not, and importantly the calibration gas required for that instrument. This information enables the user to quickly assess whether they have the most suitable instrument for the

environment they are planning to work in. Further user experience upgrades include

configurable confidence beeps and increased user control around calibration due dates and dead- band configurations. There is also an improvement on the resolution accuracy for instruments equipped to detect Hydrogen Sulfide (H2

S). Resolution accuracy has improved from one

to 0.1 which enables users to configure their instruments with more certainty for specific applications they are working in. “We believe these enhancements will strengthen

the value customers get from our most popular multi-gas product. The PS200 is a successful product for us and has been praised from its quality and robustness over several years. These enhancements build on the core strength of the original PS200,” Wood says. The PS200 continues to measure any

combination of LEL, Oxygen (O2 ), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2 S)

making it suitable for a wide range of personal monitoring and confined space applications. In addition to extensive datalogging capabilities, the PS200 is available with an optional internal pump and an extensive range of accessories to meet a wide variety of user applications. Importantly, the PS200 has been designed to

enable easier user maintenance which includes a fully automatic calibration station to simplify product compliance. The PS200 forms part of 3M Gas & Flames

industrial portables portfolio which includes a range of gas detectors designed to keep workers safe in challenging environments. Other industrial portable products include the Protégé ZM (Zero Maintenance) and SG (Single-Gas), a range of single-gas disposable and reusable solutions, and the popular PS500, an up-to- five gas monitor for more exotic environments and applications. 3M Gas & Flame Detection, a new

product portfolio under 3M’s Personal Safety Division, has debuted its gas and flame solutions, product breadth and innovative technologies as a


unified front. The new group is formed from 3M’s 2017 acquisition of Scott Safety and its Detcon, Oldham, Simtronics and GMI brands. “By unifying our expanded portfolio of brands

into 3M Gas & Flame Detection, we’re providing the POG, industrial, hazmat and commercial communities with a single source for a broad line of safety equipment, including an enhanced offering of gas and flame detection system solutions,” Wood continues. “From the safety managers who are

responsible for choosing their team’s equipment to the workers who need confidence in that equipment so they can stay focused on the task at hand, our customers can be assured that under the umbrella of 3M Gas & Flame Detection we have products, technology and service that can help them be safe and successful.” For more information on the enhancements to

the PS200 or further information on 3M Gas & Flame Detection’s full range of products and services then contact the company by emailing or check the company website at

3M Gas & Flame Detection


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