lash 2 Expl losion Suppression System The latest version of the industr

Flash 2 Explosion Suppr suppression sy

ersion of the industry leading StuvEx F ystem has many advanced f fe


uvEx Flash ea

e tures.


e are two Earthing Monitors within the S range f o

Earthing Control ors

or Gas and Dust ap ust applica

s within the StuvEx pplications.

Gas V · Competitiv etitiv · New Mast C

· Single and multipoint injection suppr handling 4 ducts fr ter C

o ts f fr rom one suppr

· A range of explosio range of explosion det ra o

An extensiv Ex

nsive range of explosion pr Explosion Isola


Isolating an explosion is vital xplosion iso la

xp xplosion p xplosion Isolation

· New Gas Generator - no pressur . Atex Certified.

ressors capable of ression bottle

Controrol Unit can handle up to 16 Zo Zones. on detectors for various applic re

re vessels used. cations. apable of

Version vely priced.

· Very easy try ea sy to install. · Failsafe confirm

onfirmation of c throu h green/r · Automatic obj bject t

ro gh re oma

· Atex Cer atically r

fe op re operation – visual mation of correc gh gr

red lights. recognises the

to be earthed. e tified.

protection equipment. From supply to full turn-key solutions Explosion Venting

n-ke explosion isolation devices in the StuvEx range.

plosion is vital. There are five diff tuvEx r

e differ ffe ent StuvEx supplies a r tuvEx ting x supplies a range of explosion v xplosion venting devices. ey solutions re t earthing

· NOVEX valve. Designed for filter inlet ducts, though can be r

NOVEX l D iesig used elsewhere.

r · Vent gned for filt d f fil Valve. For in For installation t . Use ed t i l d

· Can handle organ rganic dusts and metal dusts ST 3 Knic dusts and metal dusts ST-3 KSt max 440 bar. m/s tex V

s h u h T-3 KS

· Fast Shutting Gate V an explosion. V

re · Fir Trap V Valve. Pro event of a fir

nstallation to a filter air intake. e Valve. T

ay re or vexplosion. StuvEx Safe

rote ts ‘D wn- e

otects Down Stream’ machin re The most efficient way t

· Diverter Valve. Used to divert a potential ignition source to a safe area. re Tr

ential ignitio n sour ’ machiner

machin r

y to isolat rc

te t

nery in the Tel: +44 (0) )1932 571303 - Fax +44 (0el: +44 (0)1932 571303 - Fax +44 (0)1932 570548

ety Systems Ltd, Abbey Sttudio, ChurchWalk, Cherttsey, Surrey, KT16 8RE - Un 0)1932 570548

T16 8RE - Unit Email: -

nited Kingdom .stuv


· StuvEx E s, filt

StuvEx Explosion V bins

Explosion V ters etc.

StuvEx D installa

o Vent. A 100% efficient v

· StuvEx DQS. A maint installation t

ent vent for silos

· StuvEx Flameless Indoor Vent. Allows an explosion to safely occur inside a building.

DQS. A maintenance free, flameless v ree, flam ation to an internally located v F

V w

meless vent for vessel.


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