New low cost intrinsically safe steady state beacon

BEKA associates have introduced a new low cost, intrinsically safe, steady state beacon which complements their well established intrinsically safe flashing beacons. The new steady state BA386S beacon is available with a bright red, amber, green, blue or white continuous output. It has an IP66 enclosure with an internal brightness control and is ideal for hazardous area process or machine status indication. This new BA386S steady state beacon has IECEx, ATEX and FM Ex ia

certification and may be powered from most certified 24V Zener barriers, galvanic isolators or certified associated apparatus. It may be installed in all Zones and used with most common hazardous area gases. If slightly less brightness is acceptable, a further cost reduction can

be achieved by powering two BA386S steady state beacons from one Zener barrier or galvanic isolator. For further information including datasheets and certificates please visit or phone the BEKA sales office on 01462 438301.

BEKA associates

Intrinsically safe proximity probes for hazardous areas

SENSONICS’ SENTURION X Range of proximity probe systems have obtained ATEX, IECEx and PESO certification. Compliant to the API 670 standard, these intrinsically safe probes are ideal for non-contact measurement of shaft vibration, position and speed in hazardous areas where potentially explosive gases or dusts are present. Typical applications will be on many types of

critical and reciprocating machines such as turbines, pumps, compressors, fans, motors and gearboxes across a wide range of industries including petroleum refineries, petrochemical and power generation plants. The versatility of eddy current proximity probes means they can be

used for numerous critical measurements such as: relative shaft vibration and eccentricity; axial shaft position; thrust wear; differential expansion; shaft speed; over-speed; phase reference, reverse rotation; and, rod drop monitoring (rider band wear on reciprocating compressors). Measurement ranges are from 2.5mm up to 30mm. The probes are available in different formats including reverse mount,

for use in externally fitted through case probe holders, straight threaded usually mounted internal to the machine and disc type which are typically mounted on an adjustable bracket for axial measurements. They can be supplied with plain cables or armoured with stainless

steel convoluted hose and with extension cables where required. System cable lengths are 5m, 7m or 9m and the driver unit can be configured at the factory to suit the application, or easily done on-site if preferred.


Actuators improve wireless functionality at UK crude storage hub R

otork intelligent electric actuators have been chosen to increase the number of

wirelessly controlled actuators at a liquid storage provider in the UK. Rotork IQ3 multi-turn actuators have been

commissioned for two Navigator Terminals road fuel and crude storage tanks at its North Tees hub in Middlesbrough. The site, which is split into Inland and Marine

terminals, supplies the North East of the UK and has connecting pipelines to a neighbouring Navigator Terminals storage facility, Seal Sands, on the north bank of the River Tees. It is connected to the Ekofisk North Sea crude oil terminal and pipeline, also at Seal Sands. The IQ3 actuators have been fitted to 24”

gate valves which control the flow of crude oil in and out of one of the storage tanks at the company’s Marine Terminal. The actuators communicate using HART

protocol via a Pepperl+Fuchs Bullet WirelessHART Adapter, which has enabled seamless integration with the site’s existing Rosemount wireless network. It will also allow the operator to add more wireless compatible actuators and control instruments to the site in future. All IQ3 commissioning, configuration and

control can also be carried out remotely using an intrinsically-safe Rotork Bluetooth Setting Tool. Torque levels, position limits and indication


functions can be adjusted while two-way data communication allows for multiple actuator configurations. The setting tool can also be used to extract information including operational starts profiles, starts per hour and temperature or vibration logs from an advanced datalogger. This data can be securely transferred via the cloud to a PC running Rotork Insight 2 software

for diagnostics and asset management. IQ3 actuators are ATEX certified as

explosionproof, suitable for use in Safety Integrity Level 2 / 3 applications and watertight to IP66/68 standard – submersible at 20m for ten days.

Rotork 

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